Common Sense For Belmar Liberty Begins At Home

September 25, 2013

My Promise

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In his comment on the Patch article about last night’s planning board meeting, Ted Ehmann makes the following point:

Headline should read: Belmar Mayor, the only coastal community Mayor to use Sandy for “redevelopment power grab”.  Go ahead do a search online – let’s see Toms River Redevelopment, Seaside Redevelopment, Spring Lake Redevelopment.  Under NJ Redevelopment Law the only lasting remedy, after the fact, is to elect officials who will refrain from the powers invested in them by the law.  Search online: residents sue over redevelopment.  You will be online for hours.

In response I hereby make to the people of Belmar the following pledge:  I will never, as a councilman, vote in favor of any resolution or ordinance that requires the use of the special powers granted to the mayor and council by the declaration of the beachfront as an area in need of redevelopment, or the rest of Belmar as an area in need of rehabilitation.

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