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Solar Power And The Abuse Of Government Power

Since liberals think they are so much smarter than the market (in other words, all of us), they feel absolutely no compunction about using force to make things the way they think they ought to be. They think their judgment is superior to the combined judgment of millions, and therefore the use of government power is justified in order to get us to see things their way. They won’t even accept the laws of physics when it comes to solar power. 

Solar power is not viable at this time. It’s too expensive. It requires too much space. To run a city on solar power would require a solar panel field larger than the city itself. The same holds true for wind power. The land requirements dictate that the power source has to be located far from the users. Transmission becomes an expensive problem. Then mother nature doesn’t necessarily produce the power when we happen to need it. Storage becomes an expensive problem. Even mounting unsightly solar panels directly on our roofs doesn’t overcome these problems. Despite the fact that taxpayers and ratepayers are being forced to subsidize half the cost, people are still not buying solar systems in any large number. When Spain (Obama’s model for a “green” economy) went into an economic tailspin (oops!) and cut it’s subsidies to the solar power industry, the solar panel market there tanked. People don’t want it.

The truth is that nothing comes even close to the efficiency of having a coal or oil powered generating station on the outskirts of town producing energy where and when we need it. The market has already figured that out, but liberal politicians like Councilman and mayoral aspirant Matt Doherty refuse to accept it. He has decided to force the taxpayers of Belmar to further subsidize the solar panel industry by waiving all permit fees for their installation here. This will cost you and I a few hundred dollars every time one of our neighbors goes solar.

Matt, If you feel so strongly that we need to get off fossil fuels then you should pay the fees yourself and leave we taxpayers out of it. You should also sell your gas guzzling SUVs and get a nice fuel efficient American car like my Ford Focus. But please don’t buy a hybrid. You see those, too, are heavily subsidized by the overtaxed American public.


Coming soon………. Red Bank’s SID failing now that the boom is over.

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