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Tuesday’s Agenda

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  1. Ordinance 2016-10 wrote:

    All I can do ( old guy ( who is moving out of town ) is to ask the good people and the businesses that own property and pay taxes in the latest power grab by Dirty Doherty and associates to show up and join me Tues. eve. There is ONLY ONE QUESTION TO ASK!!! “What criteria is the Borough of Belmar under the NJ Redevelopment Law, for designating the following blocks as an area in need of redevelopment: Block 106 ( 10th $ Main, Block 116 ( 12th Ave. Main to River Rd., Block86 ( 800 Main ), Block 87, Waterview Pavillion and Motel, Block 96 ( 9th & Main plus 10th ). If the answer is not blight, then proceed to next question.
    What does the Borough of Belmar need with a redevelopment classification over and above the Area In Need of Rehabilitation already passed into law in 2013 based on old sewers and water, as well as majority of structures being 50 years or older.
    ABUSE OF REDEVELOPEMENT LAW occurs when a municipality seeks to designate areas of the town or city as blighted, not producing sufficient tax revenues and poor conditions leading to a down-turn. Greg Kapalko tore down the one and only Pied Piper Ice House Property. Under a redevelopment agreement with this Mayor and associates he created Salt and look what happened to him, a multimillion dollar lawsuit. Please Attend. ( That means you too Jim Bean ).

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  2. Request wrote:

    Could I please request that Gene Creamer show up for Tuesday’s Council Meeting? I know an old guy ( who is moving out of town ) who would like to see him in action ( one last time ) regarding the expanding of the Seaport Redevelopment Area. Just a humble request by one undeserving of his perspective and immense knowledge of such issues.

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  3. Planning Board Monda wrote:

    Change of plans… See April 5, 2016 Council Meeting/Minutes- Dave Roberts. Roberts alerted the Mayor and Council of time running out. Well typical of Colleen Connelly, the clock runs out this coming week. In order for Dirty Doherty and redevelopment buddies to illegally extend Kenny’s Seaport Redevelopment Area past 8th Ave., the borough must act and send it’s recommendations to Belmar’s Planning Board ( Matt and Brian are 2 members) But in Belmar, just bend the law ( have no idea of the notifications to the many property owners and tax payers involved ) but if you go to and look at meetings and agendas, the Planning Board will take up the expansion Monday eve. at Borough Hall, prior to the Council sending it to them. Hmmm. Is that even legal? So forget standing with that old guy ( who is moving out of town ) anyway at the Council Meeting Tues. GO DIRECTLY TO THE PLANNING BOARD MEETING MONDAY 8/15 and pop the only question to ask, “what criteria are you using under NJ Redevelopment Law to designate these blocks and lots as in need of redevelopment? Then, watch them squirm.
    Do Santander Bank and Federici’s, Waterview Pavilion even know that they have properties in blighted urban areas?

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  4. I Speak 4 Steve wrote:

    Steve Edleman, a friend left life and Belmar too early. He along with Henry Grau launched a successful lawsuit that challenged Belmar’s Council and Planning Board’s ( with help from: Dave Roberts, William Northgrave and Douglas Kovacs )to designate all of the Belmar beachfront, as an area in need of redevelopment. The Borough of Belmar lost the case and Steve won, unfortunately after he passed away in Dec. 13. Steve Edleman loved Belmar, he cared deeply about Belmar’s future. PLEASE HONOR STEVE by Standing for him and all Belmarians against Lawless Matt’s over-reach. Steve would have it no other way. His smoking was an issue, but this Doherty administration did nothing but put the nail in his coffin.

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  5. Anonymous wrote:

    Again resale of blighted designated properties is nil.

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  6. Belmar Marina wrote:

    No disrespect to Manutti, but 1) the citizens should vote on a significant name change for something like the Marina. 2)And/Or One COMMEMORATIVE plaque somewhere prominent calling it Manuttti Marina is more appropriate. The new signs calling Belmar Marina Manutti Marina are ALL WRONG. ALL WRONG! It’s BELMAR MARINA.

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  7. THE LAW wrote:

    To review Ordinance 2016-10, If Colleen were to concern herself with NJ Law… I will save for another time. According to NJ public Law 2013, Chapter 159. Belmar should pass a RESOLUTION Tuesday eve. to be heard before the Belmar Planning Board at their next meeting Sept. 19th, 2016.
    P.L. 2013, Chapter 159
    2. Section 6 of P.L. 1992 c. 79 b( C40A:12A-6 ) is amended to read as follows

    C. 40A: 12 A-6 Investigation for determination as redevelopment area, PUBLIC HEARING NOTICES.
    6. a. No area of a municipality shall be determined a redevelopment area unless the governing body of the municipality shall by RESOLUTION ( not ordinance ) authorize the planning board to undertake a preliminary investigation to determine whether the proposed area is a redevelopment area according to the CRITERIA set forth in section 5 of P.L. 1992 c. 79 ( C40A:12A-50
    NOW listen up Tom Burke, Judy and the others, Matt appointed your chairman Ed Windas and Maser’s Dave Roberts to a committee to review the Seaport Redevelopment Project. That is not the same as the elected officials entrusting you the entire planning board with undertaking a “preliminary investigation” as required under this NL law. This law makes further responsibilities to public notices and hold hearings under subsection b. Therefore Mr. Burke and others, if you fail to follow the law, each and everyone of you can be sued.

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  8. Reality Check wrote:

    #6. Dear Marina. No offense, but could you please wake up? To quote Willy the Shake: What is in a name?” You are uypset about a done deal, renaming and not as Joy Desanctis has so aptly described, not that monstrosity of a building. Pity.

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  9. ALLTRUMPEDUP wrote:

    Are these Planning Board meetings taped and later posted somewhere? Hint-Hint

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  10. Anonymous wrote:

    Do you think members of the bar would want cpies of the planning board meetings? Do you have security and or is the video synced to other devices? Devil’s advocate precautions.

    Sunday, August 14, 2016 at 7:28 am | Permalink
  11. To #8 wrote:

    It’s the expensive new marina signs with a name no one recognizes and should not be on the signs.

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  12. Resident wrote:

    It not a marina it’s a nightclub. Come on are you kidding. Wait.

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  13. Ms. Sarcastic wrote:

    The NJ League of Municipalities has a hall of fame of NJ Mayors. I propose to have them Induct Mayor Matt Doherty into the hall of shame!

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  14. Fast Tracking wrote:

    Maser and this administration have fast-tracking redevelopment down to an art. It doesn’t matter all this affirming that eminent domain will not be used. N.J. Supreme Court 2007 Gallenthin v Borough of Paulsboro made it very clear that a municipality must establish :blight” v using redevelopment simply because an area is not being put to “it’s optimal ude”. Kenny used this case successfully in Edelman v Belmar. When Belmar designated the entire beachfront for redevelopment in late April 2013 all debris had been removed and a massive improved boardwalk structure was 95% completed. No blight, no redevelopment. Back to Fast-Tracking. Maser’s Dave Roberts, who has a great deal to gain financially instructed the Council to go forward and have the Planning Board investigate the mayor’s desire to expand Seaport Redevelopment, that was April 5. The Planning Board created a committee ( but it was a committee of Maser’s Dave Roberts, a committee of one. Under Redevelopment Law, The Planning Board was to advertise twice by 7/8 and 7/1/16 their hearing on July 18. Also mail letter to each of the owners of the 37 properties from 8th Ave. to 12th Ave. Being considered for “blight ” and thus redevelopment. THE LAW REQUIRES a 45 DAY period for those property owners to file lawsuit- They have till Agust.22 At the last Council Meeting, July 20th only 2 days later, The Council voted a Resolution designating the 37 properties AND an ordinance 2016-10. The ordinance passed by the Council stated in the 7th paragraph they wish to amend the redevelopment based on a Report by Dave Roberts Dated June 28th, 10 days after “public hearing” But not in Belmar, the Council already voted first reading a month before the 45 days and on Tues second reading 6 days before the expiration of 45 days. But who is counting?

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  15. LIKE CHEF'S wrote:

    If you like Chef’s International the exclusive, no-bid redeveloper of the Belmar Marina, you are going to love what is in store for the 37 commercial and residential properties in Dave Robert’s New Expanded Seaport Redevelopment Area running from 8th Ave. to 12th Ave. Our elected officials and the Planning Board gave not only lots of money but the license to expand in 2010 ( in violation of the CAFRA permit, the Seaport ( quaint New England Shipping village to be area on the Shark River to encompass the blighted Belmar Marina and Maclearie Park, both Green Acre Parklands. So on Tuesday night the usual suspects: Brennan, Nicolay, Magovern and Keown-Whatever will approve and sign into law yet another Dave Roberts engineered ( and illegal ) grab via a twisting of N.J. P.L. 2013, Chapter 159 for the betterment of Belmar. So what do these examples of newly designated properties, have to do with the Shark River, Quaint Seaport Redo? : Belmar Elementary, Belmar Plaza, Jaeger Lumber, Pat’s Motel, Ragin Cajun, 7-ELEVEN. and the 1920 residential properties screwed years ago by poor zoning and similar plans. Yes! you will love it when 37 new properties are redeveloped and like phase 1 and 2 of Seaport the redevelopers did not have to supply parking. Enjoy.

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  16. A Reporter wrote:

    Chefs will have a rude awaking when the tourists leave and the second home owners winterize. Pier 9 is closed for the winter, and when the Marina restaurant opens they will fight over the few left with the Anchor Tavern until the Memorial Day Weekend.

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  17. Anonymous wrote:

    The nightclub will happen on the marina. Insulate the sounds eminating from a new nuisance by buying “bligted property” for a song. Ghettos a comin’

    Sunday, August 14, 2016 at 5:26 pm | Permalink

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