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These Drivers Are Flipping Crazy

Guy gets upside down on the 500 block of 16th Sunday.

Reportedly was leaving Bar A





Don’t block the box!

Submitted 6/30/19 by a resident of the senior building:

Note whiteTahoe pulling ahead of black car at stop street. White Tahoe turns left onto 8th Ave..near miss. #1. Traffic pattern needs to change…No left turns at that corner.

ALSO need traffic change at 8th and Rte 35..drivers  cram Rte 35 and 8th…gridlock..
Need better traffic flow so that emergency vehicles are not tied up in traffic.
#2. When traffic light turns red for drivers heading out of Belmar at 8th and Rte 35…many times I see cars sitting on the railroad tracks.
#3. Note pictures 1 and 2…the STOP sign on the left hand side looks as though a reckless driver rammed it.
I saw another STOP sign mangled on 8th Ave where there is a fork in the road next to the funeral home. Obviuosly drivers are not stopping..Where is enforcement? Be proactive…