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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Trenton fiddles as N.J. burns

Budget crisis? What budget crisis? From today’s Asbury Park Press: N.J. lifts freeze on $12.4 million in arts grants THE ASSOCIATED PRESS New Jersey has lifted a temporary freeze on more than $12.4 million in grants for dozens of theaters, museums, groups and other arts organizations. The New Jersey Council on the Arts had approved the grants […]

Tax Base Sharing

I believe this is where they are going with A-3119. Of course it’s too early for the state to bring that to the table. It’s all about government efficiency, you see. So let’s have a look at the handiwork our “efficiency experts” down in Trenton:     > Income tax – 3rd highest in the nation     > Sales tax […]

Small Towns of NJ Unite!

The 5 Year Plans

The commission shall promulgate two  plans, known as the “first five-year plan” and the “second five-year  plan,” to effect the consolidation of specific municipalities within  two consecutive five-year periods      priority for the first five-year plan shall be given to municipalities of two square  miles or less having fewer than 2,000 residents, and priority for […]

No Urge to Merge. Towns Resisting A-3119.

Opposition is starting to form to the state’s attack on small towns and their right to self determination. From Monday, the Hightstown Borough Council approved a resolution opposing the bill by a 4-1 vote. The lone dissenting vote came from council President Walter Sikorski, a strong proponent of consolidation with surrounding East Windsor. Councilman Jeff […]

Update: The Usurpers Are On The March!

The Solons of Trenton are preparing to jam their wise counsel down our throats. From today’s Asbury Park Press: The state Assembly Ways and Means Committee is expected to debate on Jan. 22 a bill that would give a state commission consolidating towns and services the authority to withhold state aid to municipalities which reject […]

It’s NOT Nice To Share! (municipal services, that is)

The idea of shared municipal services has been much promoted lately as a solution to the problem of high property taxes. Our state government, an exemplar of fiscal rectitude, seems to think that having done such a fantastic job with their own budget, they can now turn their attention to solving local budget issues. I guess if […]