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Monthly Archives: February 2020

Trump: Don’t Build That Wall

Would have protected NY and north Jersey, sent the water to you.  

Better Hire Early


Attempt To Dismiss Harmon Counts Thwarted

  Last year the count alleging 1st Amendment violations also survived a dismissal motion so going forward we have three counts that will need to be adjudicated. Will keep you all in the loop.

Caterers Vie For Taylor Designation

You may remember this request for proposals from last month. I OPRAed the responses for you. There were four of them.

Another Surprise Street Meet


Everybody’s 2019 Water Bills


Special Meeting Of February 24, 2020

Last Week

D’Jais Patrons Suing Belmar, Allege Excessive Force

Filed the day before yesterday:   One of the officers named in the suit, Michael Yee, was in the news recently. He was promoted to┬ásergeant at the same time Tina Scott took over as chief.

Water/Sewer Rate Hike

To be introduced at a special meeting Monday, February 24, 2020 @ 5:30 PM