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Monthly Archives: May 2014

I Know, I Know, Great Minds Think Alike

Here is a tally of all yes and no votes by our Council since 2012.  Any distinction between “routine” votes and non “routine” votes would be subjective so I included all votes, even approval of minutes.  Absences and abstentions are excluded.  It should be noted, however, that many of Bean’s post-Sandy abstentions are due to […]

Belmar Boardwalk Pavilions Events Timeline

Submitted by Belmar’s own version of the Venerable Bede: January 3, 2013 Mayor introduces Resolution 2013-27 appointing Special Boardwalk Buildings Advisory Committee. Bean votes NO, stating members are all mayor’s supporters and not representational of Belmar residents.  January 16,2013 Mayor introduces Resolution 2013-32 recommending the planning board review beachfront as an area in need of […]

You Will Decide

With redevelopment overturned, the administration can no longer create bonds that, under redevelopment law, are not subject to petitions.  This means that the government must abide by legally collected petitions that call for binding referenda. This is as it should be, especially when the government wants to borrow and spend $7 million in our names. […]

Taking Your Freedom

48 Inches At A Time Am I the only one who can detect the harmonic dissonance when some freedom-grabbing politician makes a speech on Memorial Day thanking those who fought and died for our freedom? These are the people who think it’s their job is to detail exactly how we are to behave in nearly […]

We Need Them Here

There is a hole in America. Thousands of lives missing.  Thousands who never became husbands and fathers, and now, wives and mothers.  Thousands of lives and loves and families and memories that never happened and thousands of futures never conceived. But the really cruel thing about war is that it takes away our best.  America […]

Christie Sticks It To The Suburbs

Abbott Districts Here To Stay Christie promised it in 2009 when he was running for governor.  He promised it probably a hundred times since.  He personally promised it to me when I called in to “Ask the Governor” on 101.5 a couple of years ago and again at the town hall meeting here in Belmar […]

West Orange’s Unruly Taxpayers

From yesterday’s Wall Street Journal: The Thomas Edison battery building in West Orange, N.J., once hummed with life as a manufacturing plant for batteries for various industries as part of a laboratory complex where Edison, the great inventor, worked. Today, the decaying building—with its stained walls and peeling paint around its large windows—is the hub […]

Belmar Has Two In The Top 50!

Belated congratulations to Belmar residents Sean Darcy and Maggie Moran for making it onto the Irish Echo’s 2012 Irish American Labor Top 50 list.   I guess nobody reported on it at the time and I only ran across the story today. BTW, Mr. Darcy and Ms. Moran are not strangers.  Darcy’s wife, Laura Matos, […]

Um….Speaking Of….

Today’s Coast Star has the full story about Ted Ehmann’s ethic’s complaint filed against Jamie Fox.  (The one published here May 15.) A Belmar resident has filed an ethics complaint against a member of the New Jersey Local Finance Board for discussing two complaints when he had an alleged conflict of interest. Vincent Ehmann made the […]

Taking Weekends Off?