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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Killjoy Beach, 07719

Summer will soon be upon us. The days are getting warmer and longer, the flowers are blossoming, the birds are busily constructing their nests, and the Pringle administration is busily enacting laws to restrict our freedom, ruin our summer fun and generally take the joy out of life for many of us. The first item […]


On March 1 I posted a column titled “Government Restaurants and  Private Industry Streetlights?” in which I said that the town was building a restaurant on the 9th Ave pier and that commercial property owners were being forced to pay for new streetlights and sidewalks. Regrettably, I had a couple of my facts wrong. I have […]

Traffic Ticket Camera Debate in Today’s APP

Three cheers for Mayor Edward Engelbart of Pequannock Township, who took the “no” side in the “Hot Topic” debate in today’s Press (@ISSUE section). He ended his article with: . What this will do is separate people from government. And I think that when government becomes too separated from people and too impersonal, it is […]

4,620 New State Laws

That’s right. 4620. That’s how many new laws are on the dock for the 2010-2011 legislative session. That’s actually down from previous years when the total ran into the 8000s. Obviously not all will be passed. I would like to see none of them passed. See the full list here.  Are things in NJ so wild and […]

Breaking News! First Amendment Respected in Seaside!

Seaside Heights Borough Administrator John A. Camera on the decision by the producers of the show (whose name must never be uttered) to return to Seaside Heights this season: You can never deny somebody a permit to shoot in your town based on content unless it’s nudity or illegal. It’s the First Amendment; everybody has […]

Smokers’ Rights! My Letter To The State Senate And State Assembly Regarding The Proposed Ban On Smoking At Beaches And State Parks.

I submitted this letter to be read into testimony at any hearings regarding this latest assault on smokers’ rights in New Jersey. .  I strongly urge you to reject any proposal to ban smoking on state property such as beaches and parks. Any such law would take part of the joy out of life for […]

The People’s Marina

We are always being told that the marina lowers our taxes but ask ten residents of Belmar if they know by how much and you’ll have ten people who have no idea. The answer would be difficult to ascertain unless you’re a CPA with some free time on your hands. Sure, we know there is revenue from the […]