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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Johnson: Be Libertarian With Me

Just this one time.

Beck Unloads!

Roberts Could Have Stopped the Housing Crash!

From Vox Day: Supreme Court stimulus   Or how Judge Roberts fixed the housing market. I think one of the more interesting aspects of the surprise decision by the Supreme Court to declare forced consumption constitutional by virtue of the federal taxing power is its potential use as a device for economic intervention. Since savings […]

Romney Won’t Save You

It’s been really amusing listening to all these so-called “conservative” talk show hosts and commentators telling us that yesterday’s atrocity by John Roberts makes this upcoming election the mostest importantest election ever.  We are told that only by electing Mitt Romney do we have any hope of being saved.  Well in that case we have no hope of […]

A Few Misc Photos

. Current Free State Project president Carla Gericke AKA “Queen Quill”      

Mating Rituals of the New Hampshire Porcupine, Cont’d

This young porcupine thought of a unique way of proposing to his girlfriend.  During the annual  “Soapbox Idol”  competition he set up as his act a mock game of “Wheel of Fortune” for her to play.   She had no idea what phrase was the answer until many of the letters were revealed. To me […]

A Few Of My Friends

Sorry I don’t remember their names.

The Porcupine Olympics

Organized every year by Margot and Bradley Keyes.      

A Free State Wedding At PorcFest 2012!

Adam Kokesh

Anti-war activist and radio host Adam Kokesh gave a couple of talks here.  I gave you the Wikipedia link but here is his bio in the program for PorcFest: “Adam Kokesh was abandoned as a child, set in a reed basket in a river and adopted by wolves.  Because there were no quality dentists where […]