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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Just The Facts, Ma’am

What I Learned Today

This campaign has really taught me a lot about myself.  For example today I learned that I didn’t want a boardwalk, didn’t want any FEMA money for Belmar, I opposed talking to the governor and that I belong to the Tea Party.  Honestly, I had no idea that I held these positions and if I […]

It’s All About Relationships

There really seems to be no limit to our mayor’s willingness to use the government of Belmar to benefit himself politically.  He used the monies generously donated to the Sandy Relief Fund in an exploitative and secret manner with the beneficiaries known only to himself and one borough employee.  He tweeted an endorsement of Magovern […]

Bad Answer, Janice

Published in this week’s Star are answers from the candidates to this question from reporter Haley Behre: Q.At almost every council meeting, much of the public comment portion of the evening is dedicated to either attacking or praising the current administration, sometimes with few issues/matters actually being brought up. It appears to be Democrat praise […]

Council Meeting Of October 23, 2013 (Really)

At the end of the truncated public session Belmar Democratic party chief Luis Pulido accuses me of liking Steve Lonegan. I wasn’t given the opportunity to respond, but if I could have I would have informed Mr. Pulito that Lonegan won in Belmar. He won all five districts. He even won the mail-in vote.

You Mean No Banquet Hall?

Noooooooo!! . . . Nobody had any idea I planned to visit such misery upon the good people of Belmar.  Even my own family has turned on me.  My dog won’t play fetch anymore and my wife won’t…….let’s just say its not very pleasant around here.

Not The Point

I thought we got into the weeds a little when discussing the missed opportunity for owners of Sandy-damaged homeowners to have their houses reassessed for the period when they where actually not worth as much due to the damage they suffered.  Aside from stating that it was borough tax assessor Ed Mullane who made the […]

Belmar Council Meeting Of Oct 23, 2013

Belmar In The News!

. Read The Full Story Here .

Radical Nut-Jobs Oppose Debt Explosion!

Of course only a dangerous, radical, anti-government nut-job terrorist would find these figures concerning: Belmar debt in 2005: $10 million. Belmar debt in 2013: $48 million, an increase of 480%   Monmouth County debt in 2005: $355 million Monmouth County debt in 2013: $460 million, an increase of 30%.   New Jersey debt in 2005: […]