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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Last Week

Who Will Get The Job?



Yesterday’s Roll Call

While the version that was passed doesn’t give local governments veto power, it does allow for them to place reasonable conditions on the extra openings and any costs for those conditions must be paid for by the license holder.  Also remember it could have been much worse; the original bill was to convert all the […]

For New Jersey Scroll Down

All the way.  

Booze Bill Vote Today

And I am told the Assembly decided against amending.

Report From The Roundtable


Did We Need Permits?

Did we get them? . I received an email yesterday from a reader who has a masters degree in coastal and ocean policy from a state university and specialized in coastal management and public access. . The dune situation in Belmar has bothered me for years now, I encourage you to take a look at […]

Belmar Baddies


Delay Inn