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Monthly Archives: December 2015

South End Reader Writes Rible

As you all know, Christie wants to extend the length of seasonal liquor licenses in the state to 9 months of the year and is working on getting the change through the New Jersey Legislature. One of my readers from Belmar’s south end is unhappy about the change and wrote to State Assemblyman David Rible […]

Why DIY?

Could it be because we can’t afford to pay Epic? A reader brought this problem to my attention.  The amount appropriated to build the pavilions doesn’t seem to be enough to cover the cost of building them if we use Epic.  Let’s look at the numbers: Ordinance 2015-23 for the 10th Ave pavilion authorized the […]

Council Meeting Of December 28, 2015

Belmar to build pavilions ourselves, act as our own contractor. Borough administrator and Maser Consulting to manage project. Projected savings “at least 10%” Magovern has doubts The change of plan is discussed in the workshop session starting at the 5:20 mark. Will we borrow 10% less or just spend the savings on other things?  I […]

Signs Of Decay

Submitted by a reader.  Thank you reader!

Littoral Society: Don’t Trust Towns On Public Trust Issues

Fuzzy Logic On Balmy Weather

For some reason Belmar seems to be the New York media’s favorite backdrop to do their weird weather stories from and this current warm spell is no exception: I’m glad the surfers and all the boardwalk walkers are enjoying it and I’m glad to see that the mayor is enjoying it.  I’m sure enjoying it. […]

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