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March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday Word Search!

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Find the names that have been involved in Belmar’s no-bid or no-vote contracts!


H  X  A  X  A  C  B  E  J  K  A  R  M  W  G  Y

L  L  A   S  D  R  I  B  A  W  D  L  C  R   O  X

X  W  N  B  H  C  I   P  E  X  N  D  K  U  X  I

W  C  X  E  X  B  W  E  L  E  C  T  R  I  C  M

M  S W  L  M  X  R  M  R  K  X T  M  B  T  Z

M  G  L  M  X  M  Q  I  X  R  A  L  P  T  W  H

L  M  U  A  D  X  M  X  T  R  E  X  M  Z  A  L

X  L  W  R  N  M  P  D  G  T  X  F  L  E  H  G

 X  K  T  S  B  Q  X   E  P  T  V  X  W  M  Z  Q

U   S  T  C   A  R  T  N  O  C  D  I  B   O  N  Z


Look for:




BW Electric



No bid contracts

Your Target

Printable version here

Answers highlighted here



March 30, 2013

Dead Ducks

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March 29, 2013

AshBritt Back In The News

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(And it’s not good.)

From the Star Ledger:

FEMA warned Christie administration that AshBritt contract could jeopardize federal funding

The Federal Emergency Management Agency warned the Christie administration just days after Hurricane Sandy that its decision to award a no-bid contract to a politically connected firm to haul away debris could jeopardize maximum federal reimbursement for towns, The Star-Ledger has learned………

……….FEMA strongly discourages the use of “piggybacked” contracts and subjects them to greater scrutiny, Lautenberg (in a letter) told Christie. As a result, he wrote, FEMA will determine whether AshBritt’s rates are reasonable and may penalize towns by cutting reimbursement if it finds the costs are out of step with the marketplace.

And in the Asbury Park Press:

Watchdog: Point Beach holds Ashbritt payment, calls for parking lot repairs

The heavy equipment that hauled the debris from superstorm Sandy caused thousands of dollars in damage to a popular parking lot for summer visitors, borough officials said.Citing that damage, the Borough Council decided last week to delay paying a bill of more than $1 million for the debris pickup and removal it hired AshBritt Inc. to do after the storm. The officials said the Florida-based company should repair the lot instead of leaving that cost to taxpayers…………………………………….

………….Council President Kristine Tooker said Corbally spoke first, but she had the same idea. She wanted borough officials to wait to make certain the cost matched the work.“Not only did we overpay, in my opinion, but based on what I’ve read, we definitely should be made whole for the damage to our parking lot that we rely on for a lot of our income in the summer so I’m in agreement with holding back the payment until we can work this out,” Tooker said.


Speed Camera Slap Down!

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Ohio judge Robert P. Ruehlman hands down scathing ruling in speed camera lawsuit.



The Court finds that the ordinance fails to provide due process guarantees to any person receiving a Notice of Liability, from The Village of Elmwood Place.

Revised Code 4511.094 requires that traffic law photo-monitoring devices to enforce traffic laws cannot be used in a village, unless a sign is erected within that village, warningmotorists that such a monitoring device is operating. The Chief of the Elmwood Place Police Department testified that it was possible for a motorist to enter the village and go through a speed enforcement area without ever passing a warning sign.

Furthermore, when a speed monitoring device records a violation, a motorist is mailed a Notice of Liability. The violation is based on a report and a photograph from the speed monitoring unit. The report contains the speed of the vehicle indicating that the vehicle was traveling faster than the speed limit. The photograph shows the car and its license plate number.

The owner of the vehicle is then sent a Notice of Liability and is told to pay a civil penalty of $105.00. If the owner of the vehicle wants to contest the liability, he or she must pay $25.00 to the Village of Elrnwood and request a hearing before a hearing ofiicer and there is no assurance that the fee will be returned if the appeal is successful. However, the hearing is nothing more than a sham!

The so called witness for Elmwood Place testifies from a report produced by the company that owns the speed monitoring unit. This witness has no personal knowledge of the speeding violation and therefore, their testimony is based solely on hearsay. The accused motorist has no ability to cross-examine the witness because the witness was not present when the violation occurred. There is no opportunity to obtain any discovery about the device or to  subpoena any witnesses that may have knowledge of the device. In fact, the device is calibrated once a year; even though it may have been subjected to 12 months of varying amounts of rain, snow, sun, storms, ice, wind and lightning. Moreover, the device was not calibrated by a certified Police Officer, but rather it was calibrated by Optotraffic, the corporation that owns thedevice. Remember, Optotraffic has a financial stake in this game. I used the term “game” because Elmwood Place is engaged in nothing more than a high-tech game of 3 CARD MONTY. It is a scam that the motorists can’t win. The entire case against the motorist is stacked because the speed monitoring device is calibrated and controlled by Optotraffic. Remember, Optotraffic had already received approximately $500,000.00 at the time of the January 2013 hearing, before this court.

To compound this total disregard for due process, Elmwood Place has another scheme up its sleeve. If a motorist tries to convince a hearing officer that he or she was not the driver of the offending vehicle, the ordinance requires that the owner making such a claim provide the name and address of the driver of the vehicle. If the driver was the owner’s spouse, the ordinance requires the owner to testify against his or her spouse, in violation of the spousal immunity statute Revised Code 2917.02 (D).

The Court renders Judgment in favor of the Plaintiffs and finds that the ordinance is invalid and unenforceable. A permanent injunction is granted to the Plaintiffs prohibiting further enforcement of the ordinance, by the Defendants.

Court costs, other reasonable expenses and attorney fees are to be assessed against the Defendants.

March 28, 2013

Belmar Council Meeting Of March 27, 2013

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Thank You Claire, Hello Janis

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Last night Matt took a rare break from borough council meetings to bring his daughters to see Taylor Swift so Council President Claire Deicke presided in his stead. She used the occasion to announce that she would not seek re-election this fall and that Janis Keown-Blackburn would be running for her vacated seat.

Claire and I are pretty far apart in our thoughts about the proper role of government in our society but I absolutely support, applaud and thank her for all the work she has done with non-governmental, privately-funded charities.  For the sake of people who have fallen on some kind of hardship and are helped by the efforts of people like Claire, I hope she continues her good works for a long time to come.  I think she will.

I regret that I don’t know Ms. Keown-Blackburn but I’m looking forward to meeting her and wishing her good luck.  She’s a recently retired pilot for Spirit Airlines and is their first female pilot to retire (I confess, I googled her.)  She also sits on the zoning board.

I have to express my relief that the Democrats chose a regular person from the private sector-real world instead of some politically-connected insider for Tom and I to run against.  It looked for a while like Bill Young was going to run.  Although I (and apparently, the Democrats) think Mr. Young would have been easier for us to beat, if we have to lose I would rather lose to someone like Ms. Keown-Blackburn than to Mr. Young or some other political player.  But we’re not going to lose so don’t worry.

March 27, 2013

$2 Billion Dollars Later

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Revel Stops Listening To The Tobacco Warriors

NJ Revel Bankruptcy Plan Includes Allowing Smoking


Frozen Turkey!

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Court freezes assets of indicted N.J. engineering firm Birdsall Services Group


A Monmouth County judge has frozen the assets of one of New Jersey’s largest and most politically influential engineering firms, Birdsall Services Group, after the firm and seven of its executives were indicted, The Star-Ledger has learned.

The court order was signed Tuesday, though it is unclear whether the company will be allowed to continue to operate in some form, according to two sources with knowledge of the matter who requested anonymity because they were not allowed to discuss it……………………………………………………

If Birdsall must temporarily shut down, hundreds of public projects it had been contracted to do work on could be affected. A spokesman for the Monmouth County-based company, Joe Orlando, declined comment.

March 26, 2013

Birds All……..Into The Cage!

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At the last council meeting we were given a presentation by three Birdsall officials explaining how the $2 million increase in the cost to re-build the boardwalk was really nobody’s fault.  The group was headed by Scott MacFadden, Chief Administrative Officer of Birdsall Group.

I doubt Mr. MacFadden will be making an encore performance to explain the next cost overrun change order. He was one of five Birdsall executives indicted today on first-degree conspiracy and money laundering charges.

Government Deciding Who Can Be Married?…..That’s So Gay!

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I’m against gay couples having a marriage license.  But I’m also against my wife and I having a marriage license.  It’s not that I have anything against gays.  I don’t.  And it’s not that I don’t love my wife.  I do.  It’s that I’m against the government deciding who can get married and who can’t.

Medieval serfs who wished to marry were required to get the permission of their noble masters.  In America we were supposed to leave all that nonsense behind.

George and Martha never had a marriage license.  Neither did James and Dolly or Abe and Mary Todd.  There was really no such thing as a government-issued marriage license until after the Civil War, when southern governments decided that they didn’t want newly freed blacks to marry white people.  In America, the entire concept of requiring a license to marry was born in racism and slavery.

People should be free to have whatever kind of ritual or ceremony they please to declare for the world and for themselves their bond and commitment to each other.  The legal protections, if they are wanted, can be in the form of a civil union contract whether the couple is gay or straight.

The definition of marriage is not something we need to fight over.  We can just agree to disagree.

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