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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Easter Sunday Word Search!

Find the names that have been involved in Belmar’s no-bid or no-vote contracts! * H  X  A  X  A  C  B  E  J  K  A  R  M  W  G  Y L  L  A   S  D  R  I  B  A  W  D  L  C  R   O  X X  W  N  B  H  C  I   P  E  X  N […]

Dead Ducks


AshBritt Back In The News

(And it’s not good.) From the Star Ledger: FEMA warned Christie administration that AshBritt contract could jeopardize federal funding The Federal Emergency Management Agency warned the Christie administration just days after Hurricane Sandy that its decision to award a no-bid contract to a politically connected firm to haul away debris could jeopardize maximum federal reimbursement […]

Speed Camera Slap Down!

Ohio judge Robert P. Ruehlman hands down scathing ruling in speed camera lawsuit.   DECISION The Court finds that the ordinance fails to provide due process guarantees to any person receiving a Notice of Liability, from The Village of Elmwood Place. Revised Code 4511.094 requires that traffic law photo-monitoring devices to enforce traffic laws cannot […]

Belmar Council Meeting Of March 27, 2013

Thank You Claire, Hello Janis

Last night Matt took a rare break from borough council meetings to bring his daughters to see Taylor Swift so Council President Claire Deicke presided in his stead. She used the occasion to announce that she would not seek re-election this fall and that Janis Keown-Blackburn would be running for her vacated seat. Claire and […]

$2 Billion Dollars Later

Revel Stops Listening To The Tobacco Warriors NJ Revel Bankruptcy Plan Includes Allowing Smoking .

Frozen Turkey!

BREAKING!!!!!! In Court freezes assets of indicted N.J. engineering firm Birdsall Services Group   A Monmouth County judge has frozen the assets of one of New Jersey’s largest and most politically influential engineering firms, Birdsall Services Group, after the firm and seven of its executives were indicted, The Star-Ledger has learned. The court order […]

Birds All……..Into The Cage!

At the last council meeting we were given a presentation by three Birdsall officials explaining how the $2 million increase in the cost to re-build the boardwalk was really nobody’s fault.  The group was headed by Scott MacFadden, Chief Administrative Officer of Birdsall Group. I doubt Mr. MacFadden will be making an encore performance to […]

Government Deciding Who Can Be Married?…..That’s So Gay!

I’m against gay couples having a marriage license.  But I’m also against my wife and I having a marriage license.  It’s not that I have anything against gays.  I don’t.  And it’s not that I don’t love my wife.  I do.  It’s that I’m against the government deciding who can get married and who can’t. […]