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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Council Candidates’ 20 Day Post Election Reports

Republicans:   Democrats: As is so often the case, the Democrats’ report has something in it worthy of discussion. You may recall that in the closing weeks of the race some pro-Magovern-Blackburn mailers went out that were paid for by the Monmouth County Democratic Committee.  I published them here and questioned the legality of the […]

Freeholders’ Deal With Unions Raises Eyebrows **UPDATED

Accepted $93,000 in donations. Arnone: Deal a “home run” for County, “has absolutely nothing to do with the election”…..“mind-boggling that this is even a subject.” Losing Democrats took more!   Related: Belmar Dems take $7200 from Operating Engineers, pay $8000 for “field consulting”. . No date listed for the above contribution. . . From the […]

Suit Against Romulus Augustus Covered In MMM Picks Up Loko Suit Story

Last Week

Belmar Ignores Open Public Meetings Law

I have on these pages reported on lots and lots of lawsuits against the Borough since our current mayor took office in 2011.  And although I am interested to know about them, and based on the hit counts when I publish them the readers have a lot of interest in them, a certain group of […]

Doherty To APP: Allegations Completely Baseless…..

…Kapalko’s the one in default!     Common Sense legal expert Tommy T reacts to Doherty’s claim:   Speaking of turkeys……. Spring Lake officials found to violate Civil Rights of resident. Case argued and won by Roger McLaughlin, who represents Harmon brothers in Belmar suit. Right to proper zoning enforcement action by officials found to […]

Loko Follows Suit…Files Suit!

SALT DEVELOPER SUES BOROUGH, DOHERTY . ALLEGES: * BREACH OF CONTRACT * BREACH OF COVENANT * FRAUD * TORTIOUS INTERFERENCE IN LEASE CONTACT Dollar amount not yet specified . Click on image to open in Google drive Maybe we should just change the name of our town to  “v. Belmar, Defendant”.

Wreck Repaired

New Wreck Pond Culvert creates controllable ocean inlet. Will improve water quality, diminish flooding.  

Tom Brennan Too Good For Belmar

I don’t know if I’ve said this on the blog–I might have–but I have said in spoken conversations that I think Councilman Thomas Brennan ought to resign due to the fact that he never told the voters when he was running for office that he was conflicted from participating in discussions or from voting on […]