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Monthly Archives: September 2011

New Jersey’s Hope

Nicely edited clips of Mike Doherty’s speech Monday.  This guy Doherty is New Jersey’s best and I believe he should be, and will be, a national figure in a few years. BTW, I’m attached to that green shoulder on the lower left of the screenshot above.

Mulshine On The Paul Visit

Paul Mulshine covers the Ron Paul visit here.  Is Ron Paul the reason the party establishment is running scared and looking to Christie to save them?  Read it and know.

Video Of Ron Paul In Trenton Today

Photos Of Ron Paul In Trenton Today

          . A ringing endorsement from Senator Mike Doherty               Ron Paul takes the podium.                                                             […]

League Of Womens Voters’ Questions

And My Answers

1) Considering it’s own record of fiscal recklessness, I don’t believe Trenton has anything constructive to tell our municipalities.  So instead of giving us gimmicks like tax caps and rebates, it needs to cease interjecting itself into local affairs and lead by example. I would repeal all of the hundreds of unfunded state mandates that […]

Great News!

Senator Mike Doherty To Endorse Ron Paul  I recieved this email today.            Dear David, There’s no denying that these are troubled times for our country. Years of bailouts, high taxes and “stimulus packages” have failed to get our economy moving again and have only steeped us further in debt. That’s […]

“Clean” Energy?

Clean for who?  

I Thought The Toll Hikes Were To Run The Bridges

Silly me. From Crain’s: The toll hikes authorized by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey last month are expected to raise $5 billion to $8 billion over a decade, but transportation insiders worry that Govs. Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie will siphon off the new money to fill their own budget gaps. […]

Support The Troops. Bring Them Home.