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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Careful What You Wish For, John

From the Belmar Democrats Facebook page: . Yesterday at 8:00am · Connecting National Issues with Local Politics Opinion by John Hutchinson, Belmar Dems Chair Complicit com·plic·it kəmˈplisit/ adj associated with unethical activity (Right off the bat I dislike any column that begins with the definition and pronunciation of a common word. It’s very condescending and a […]

Life Outside The North End Bubble

A reader emails me: Hi Dave…..recent arrests in the boro for March, 34 defendants…5 of 34 from Belmar. Serious criminal charges….assaulting a police officer, disorderly conduct, simple assault, possession of drugs with intent to use or sell. The location of most of these arrests occurred on Main Street and Belmar Plaza. The bars are attracting […]

Last Week

Our First Customers!

Menendez, Booker, Pallone to introduce legislation at Taylor gala     Trump wants to reverse Obama’s last-minute drilling ban. Sens, Rep want to stop him. Taylor provides perfect backdrop.     So glad they decided to use our new pavilion for their event as we need to start making that $5 million back as soon […]

You’re Paying For The Building…

Might as well go eat the food.  

Manasquan HS Water Gets A D-

31 of 97 Manasquan High School drinking water outlets above “Lead Action Level in latest water testing results.

Will Belmar Do The Same?……..Nope!

Passed last night by the Sea Girt Borough Council:  

Finally, A Good Reason Not To Smoke On The Beach


Not Gonna Let THAT Happen Again!


Raincoats Required

Conference for bidders at Como job site today.