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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Tuesday’s Agenda

At the last meeting several residents objected to the resolution to advertise for bids for the stand up paddle board lease.  They informed the Council that the outfit that has been winning the lease for the past couple of years has been violating those leases by, among other things, using the L Street beach for […]

In Lake Como…

Some folks were out going door to door yesterday handing out these:  

Are We In Compliance Yet?

Nope! The status of Belmar’s marina DEP violations as of last Friday:* *Note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly dated the above document as being from February, 2015. BTW, here is the DEP’s caller report that started it all: Built golf course without notifying DEP.  Built 9th Ave Pier facility without notifying DEP.  Demolished […]

Breaking Ground Or Breaking The Rules?

Appearing on the mayor’s Facebook today: Very strange. You may recall last November, the morning of the 9th actually, I wrote about Belmar not having proper construction permits from DEP for the latest version of the restaurant Chef’s wants to build at the marina.  A few days after writing the story I made the following […]

A Couple Of Career Moves

The mayor shares a link: From the linked-to Kivvit press release: Kivvit today announced the addition of several new members to their continuously growing team. The new hires represent individuals from a variety of backgrounds and specialties, bolstering Kivvit’s ability to operate at the highest levels of public affairs and communications. Joining the Kivvit team […]

Matt The Knife

Conflict of Interest law cut up. I finally got around to doing this for you folks.  Since the new ordinance was re-done as not to indicate the changes with the traditional strikeouts and underlines, I had to compare the current law line by line with the introduced (“introduced” = “as good as passed”) new ordinance. […]

Open Gov’t Hero Paff Sues Bayonne

Settlement agreements not protected. Click image to read the whole story.

Manasquan School Bonds Defeated (Again)

Yesterday’s special election results: According to an APP story, the 1st bond was for “15.5 million worth of infrastructure improvements in the schools, including new science labs in the high school” and the second “for a new multi-purpose turf athletic field costing $4.9 million”. (It’s still hard to believe that the voters of Belmar approved […]

Dismantling The Lies

Don’t have anything for you this morning but I really enjoyed watching this yesterday:  

Dem Committee Report Reveals:

Thousands in union $$ spent on campaign!