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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Where’s 2014 “Dance Mob” Donation?

One of my readers forwarded this email exchange: “Belmar Pavilion Restoration”?

Belmar To Have A Councilcat?

. Instant frontrunner! Doherty: We would be the first! Dogs worried. ITZ FRITZ! Unofficial results from yesterday’s vote:

Poll Feature Added! Inaugural Poll:


Sandy Forever

Last Week

Vin’s In

Please be sure to read all the fine print at the bottom. On what criteria do you decide whether to make the check out to “Jersey Promise” or to “Home by Summer”?  Are you supposed to flip a coin?  Is it some kind of competition to see which name is catchier?  Also, who the heck […]

Post-Election Donations To Dems

The borough has posted Democratic April 15 campaign reports on it’s website.  They list the three contributions made to Democratic committees after last November’s election. First the “Doherty for Mayor” account: With a single $500 donation from Doherty:     The other account, “Election Fund of Doherty-Brennan”, received two post-election donations that both seem a […]

Maybe They’re Part Of The Belmar House Tour

$4250 Donated To Promote Post-Sandy Tourism Diverted To “Home By Summer” Page 21 of the Borough’s February 27, 2015 payment of bills list offers up something worth looking at: a $4250 expenditure paid out of the tourism fund to the “Home by Summer” charity created and championed by Mayor Doherty.  (Home by Summer seeks to […]

Tonight’s Meeting Cancelled