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Monthly Archives: September 2014

In Today’s Mail:

World’s Classiest Protesters

I love Hong Kong people. From today’s Wall Street Journal: On Monday morning, protesters bagged garbage from the night before, sorting plastic bottles for recycling. Protesters started calling their quest the Umbrella Revolution for the umbrellas they carried to deflect both pepper spray and the hot sun, and were decorating them with phrases like democracy […]

Belmar’s Sexist Democrats

Imagine a town had a female mayor.  (Of course many of the towns in the area have, or have had female mayors.  Even Belmar.)  Now imagine that the husband of one of these mayors had a lobbying/public relations firm and was suspected of taking advantage of his wife’s political influence in order to win government contracts […]

More Borrowing And Spending Planned

Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon (R-13) comments about the $7 million bond defeat and the mayoral race in PolitickerNJ last month: “People will vote overwhelmingly against a ballot question, but vote for the person who proposed it.” …….. “The Belmar Republicans are going to have to make their case. The voters could decide that the pavilion issue […]

Bean For Borough Attorney (If He Doesn’t Win Mayor)

I’m going to say it here right now.  Jim Bean is a better lawyer than either Michael Dupont or William Northgrave.  Check Bean’s voting record and the minutes and tapes of the meetings.  He was right every time.  And if Bean had been our borough attorney these past two years we wouldn’t have been sued […]

Please Note:

As I add new posts, the link to the lawsuit will be pushed down the page and eventually off the front page.  I know some of you may want to revisit it later so I added a link to it under “Pages” in the upper right.

Last Week’s Numbers

Union Cash To The Democrats

Over $10 Grand on this one! Note that the $7200 gift from LIUNA came only a few weeks after the “Responsible Bidder” ordinance was passed.  Is this even legal?

  In the wake of Sandy, the Defendants have taken a series of steps in the name of Belmar’s “Recovery.” Increasingly, Belmar’s residents have discovered that many if not most of these steps have also been designed in large measure to advance the professional interests of Mayor Doherty’s wife, Maggie Moran and her public relations […]

Coast Star Covers:

Belmar under fire of lawsuit Seeks overturn of bidder ordinance, claims mayor had conflict of interest BELMAR — A group of residents have filed a lawsuit against the borough, seeking to eliminate the borough’s “responsible bidders ordinance” on the grounds that it was unlawfully adopted, and that Mayor Matt Doherty had a conflict of interest […]