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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Doherty Defends The Constitution!

In today’s Coast Star: From the story: Borough business administrator Colleen Connolly said she sent a letter to the committee of petitioners on Tuesday, advising them that their petition protesting the adoption of Ordinance 2016-01 is being returned on the advice of legal counsel, Ramon Rivera, Esq. of Scarinci Hollenbeck Attorneys at Law. “The council […]

Still No CAFRA Permit For Marina/Maclearie

Since the work on Chef’s marina building is under way, and the Maclearie Park re-do is set to commence soon, I assumed that the Borough had gotten the permitting all straightened out with DEP.  I decided to try again get a copy of it but was again told it doesn’t exist.   No permit?  How […]

Mayor Moving….

But won’t need a moving van. I heard a month or so ago that Mayor Doherty was moving to a bigger house a couple of doors down from his current house.  I didn’t write about it at the time because that was the only information that I had. But this morning I ran across this: […]

Democratic Disconnect

On Facebook today, the Monmouth Republicans are talking about cutting their spending and cutting our taxes: Meanwhile the Monmouth Democrats are over there worrying about whether or not Shaun Golden likes Donald Trump: There may be something out there that I actually care less about than what Shaun Golden thinks of Donald Trump but right […]

Common Sense For Bathrooms

My Maclearie Park restroom bid. . Artist’s rendition: . The bid: . And why it can’t be accepted?:Click to enlarge

Buy From Belmar Companies

Last Week

New Ad From The SID

So the SID feels that Belmar doesn’t get crowded enough during the summer.  So it produces ads to encourage more people to visit. But the SID thinks that it’s too hard to find a place to park so the SID petitions the Council to start charging for parking.  But the reason why charging for parking […]

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More Bad Publicity

Belmar to be setting for horror movie!   I think the Belmar PD is busy enough without having to police Lake Como.   Hey, it looks like he had the same surgery I did. And in related? news…..