Common Sense For Belmar Liberty Begins At Home

June 29, 2011

What Happens When You Travel From The 49th Freest State To The Freest? *

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You return the joy in life!


June 28, 2011

Three More Towns Pass Fair School Funding Resolution!

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Clinton Township Passes Fair School Funding Resolution

Northvale Borough Passes Fair School Funding Resolution

Hampton Borough Passes Fair School Funding Resolution


Will Belmar take a stand?

June 27, 2011

Get Out While You Can!

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Gary Johnson Endorses Free State Project

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June 26, 2011

Soap Box Idol 2011

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The annual Soap Box Idol contest is always the highlight of PorcFest.  It is similar to American Idol but instead of singing, the contestants rant about whatever subject they wish. 

Andrew Caroll (l) introduced by MC and Free State Project spokesman Chris Lawless (r).  (Yes, that is his real name.)

Finalists (l to r) Emily Sandblade, John Bush and Megan Duffield.

Winner Emily Sandblade celebrates her victory by burning a federal reserve note.  Her rant was called “10 Reasons Why It’s Better To Be Ruled By The Mafia Than By The Government.”

A congratulatory hug from our mutual friend Tennyson McCalla.

Some Photos From PorcFest

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Fellow NJ Libertarian Party Assembly candidate Julian Heicklen, one of the speakers at PorcFest.  The 79 year old retired Penn State University chemistry professor is a real hero to the liberty movement.  He has been arrested for civil disobedience 33 times, going back to the 1960s when he was an officer in the Congress Of Racial Equality.  He plans to be arrested again next Tuesday when, on the way back to NJ, he will stop in Springfield, Mass and hand out pamphlets for the Fully Informed Jury Association in front of the Springfield courthouse.  Apparently informing the public that juries have the power to judge the law as well as the facts of the case is considered to be jury tampering.

During his talk he pointed out that he is uniquely advantaged in engaging in his brand of activism.  “I’m 79 years old. They can’t take away my future, I have no future.  They can’t take away my job, I have no job.  They can’t take my house, I don’t own a house.  They can’t take my car, I don’t have a car.”  He said that his children want to put him in some sort of assisted living center but he prefers jail.  “I get free medical attention, an hour a day of excercise,  24 hour police protection, and the people I meet are far more interesting.” 

He said the secret to sucessful activism is to be stupid enough to think you can change things, and persistent enough that they finally get tired of arresting you.  He was arrested so many times in State College, Pa for smoking pot at protests (the only times he would smoke pot),  that the chief finally gave an order not to arrest him anymore.

Tennyson McCalla, official photographer of the Free State Project.

Former New Mexico governor and current presidential candidate Gary E. Johnson returned to PorcFest this year.

My wife took this great photo of the governor.

Herding cats is a snap compared to herding libertarians, but they did their best to get us all together for a group shot.

More coming………….

June 25, 2011

Live! From PorcFest 2011

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Here I am again at the the Porcupine Freedom Festival in Lancaster NH, an annual summer gathering of participants in the Free State Project.

Attendance this year has blown away all previous records, with over 1000 people here as of Saturday afternoon.  I’m too busy having fun and seeing all my porcupine friends to write much about it now but I’ll talk some more about when it ends.

Last night we enjoyed the first screening of the new full length documentary about The Project by film maker extraordinaire Christina Heller.   It it called “Libertopia” and here is the official trailer:


Reporting back soon………..

June 21, 2011

Manasquan-Belmar Patch Runs My Op-Ed

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Manasquan-Belmar Patch was kind enough to run an op-ed I wrote about school funding.  Read it here.

Sorry if I’m starting to sound like a broken record on this, but something really needs to be done.

June 19, 2011

Officials Support Fair School Funding!

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Warren County supports fair school funding.

Hunterdon County supports fair school funding.

Mendham Township supports fair school funding.


Let’s make Belmar next.

June 18, 2011

You Can Deal With Ron Paul Or You Can Deal With War

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