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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Helicopter Story Has Wings

Watchdog: Chefs’ Brick Deal Bad For Everybody…Except Chefs!

He Wasn’t Paid

Contrasting Messages

Monmouth Republicans: Support us, we’ve done a good job running the County and we’ve cut taxes and cut spending.     Monmouth Democrats: Support us, Matt’s been hurt.    

Mr. Tarzian Reponds

  To Whom It May Concern, First of all, thank you for clarifying the fact that we have never had the pleasure of speaking. However, fair reporting is always critical in communications and I don’t feel that accuracy was communicated here. I would like you to know the rental homes you are referring to on […]

Tarzian Tenants Creating Nuisance

  In yesterday’s inbox:   As we know, earlier this summer when pictures of 101-103 16th Avenue were posted showing the accumulated garbage in the backyard of the house, the landlord, Mr. Tarzian, contacted David Schneck, owner of the Common Sense for Belmar blog and requested they be removed from the blog. Mr. Schneck agreed […]

Osprey (?) On My Pickup

Last Week

4th Ave Fly By


Banner Plane To Warn Of E. Coli

From the Shark River Cleanup Coalition: