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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Two Bids On The Bonds


Guess The $5 Mil Didn’t Include Insulation

Reader who submitted this thinks they are doing the underside of the building.  

A Week In Drew’s Inbox

This morning I OPRAed the bids from last week’s bond sale and while on the Borough’s OPRA site I noticed someone had asked for Acting Chief Huisman’s emails for last December 1st through 7th.  

Group Fights Murphy’s Rental Tax


Councilman Supports Attacks On Covington Teens

Promotes Indian kook as hero.     In other Brennan news: Shore Blue splits up, now “New” Shore Blue and Stone Blue.  

Last Week

Taking Shape

Thankfully NH Behind The Times

On this and a lot of other trends. Actually there were a ton of complaints, at least from one person.   Here’s something else that’s not an issue up here: No Belmar public official would have told this writer that badges have to go up because we haven’t had a tax increase. ¬†We all know […]

Shutdown Could Affect Belmar

Alert from a reader: BTW, how can there be 50 families containing a total of 49 persons?

What In Flames Is Going On?

Are they selling their license….or buying one?