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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Candidate Keady Petitions At Don’s Pizza

  Don looks a little skeptical.   Two lefties?   He’s got a cute kid.  And that pizza looks good.  (Save your coupons, buy 15 get one free.) Story here.

Pardon Their French…….

But Tri City is very angry! (Not available online.  Sorry for the crappy job scanning the newsprint.) Reprinted with the permission of Tri City News

Tri City News: Enough!

Story tomorrow……

Soft Landing

From upstate NY’s Times Union:

Partner Resolution On Printed Agenda

Some new information has crossed my desk that I am duty bound to share with you. I was under the belief that there were no surviving copies of the printed agenda made available to the public the night of March 3.  If the borough had any copies left I’m sure they would have offered to […]

Last Week

The Final Straw!

Food truck guy Jon Hepner’s quote in the Press caught my eye this morning. The photo, BTW, is not of Hepner but of another food truck guy Carlos Serrano. So the federal government creates a central bank that prints money in unlimited quantities.  It manipulates interest rates and the value of our currency.  It directly […]

News From Beyond

While we wait for events to unfold and information to be uncovered here in Belmar, let’s have a look at a couple of out of town stories that might be of some interest. First is the proposal made to Asbury Park that it raise parking fees for tourists by 100% and residents by 3900%: Could […]

Quiet Week For News

But I’m working on a couple of things.  Please keep checking in.

Bait Shop Concession Auction April 7

No mention that the building is slated to be demolished and replaced at the end of this summer.