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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Sandbox Circuit

  I believe these will qualify as public meetings and will have to comply with the open public meeting regulations in NJ’s Sunshine Law.

Start Watching At The 35:00 Mark

Current executive director announces is resignation and resolution is passed appointing Matt as his successor. Hmm.  Some of the language in the resolution sounds oddly familiar. Also, Matt gets a deputy. Reporter thinks Matt is still mayor.  He’s probably right.

Can He Be A Judge?

    Below, the soon-to-be executive director sits in on the big meeting.  It looks like he’s recusing himself again.  

Bridge Plans To Be Shared

Postponed Council meeting same night. Go early and see most of it anyway.  

First Screw-up Of 2018 Season

Name of Dem campaign committee violation of ELEC rules.   NJ ELEC rules are very specific about how committees must be named:   “Putting Belmar First” has neither the names of the candidates or their party affiliation.  It has to have one or the other. They are going to have to rename their committee and […]

It’s Been Long

Almost Cut my Hair

My Happy Haircut

We did it! Movie coming….    

Last Week



Matt Still Claiming Guards Were Paid $8.50