Common Sense For Belmar Liberty Begins At Home

August 31, 2017

Matt Going To Rockport Texas

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Click on the image to hear last night’s announcement.

I heard he said not to give any money to this guy:


Or this guy:

It says “Bet they blame Trump”.

Mayor Calls Texas Sens, Reps Hypocrites

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First of all, if any Harvey “relief” bill comes loaded with the tens of billions of pork that the Sandy bill did, then I would hope that our representatives would vote against it.

Secondly, if conservative Texans have been forced…and will be continued to be forced…to pay for everybody else’s disasters whether or not they support that sort of thing, then it is entirely reasonable for them to expect federal help when they have a disaster.  You can’t keep taking their money but then call them hypocrites when they want their fair share back.

BTW, I’ve begun my relief effort through an organization far more competent and trustworthy than the U.S. federal government:

August 30, 2017

Take Out Joint Next To Boathouse Gets Variance

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Harmon Camp Responds To The Mayor

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Harmon attorney Roger J. McLaughlin, of McLaughlin Stauffer & Shaklee, on Doherty’s comments to TAPinto’s Cathy Goetz:


The Mayor, as usual, ignores the plain facts. Belmar has prevented the Harmon’s

from using the property they leased from Loko – intentionally and repeatedly.


In fact, the proposed “settlement” is nothing more than another effort by Doherty

to cause damage to Tim and Matt Harmon. It actually proves the points made by

the Harmons in their federal civil action. The Mayor shuts them out of an outdoor

café/bar, while at the same time promoting the outdoor facilities of others, like the

Anchor Tavern and 10th Avenue Burrito.


We don’t think anyone will be fooled by his comments that the Harmons are trying

to “ interfere” with a settlement. They are the ones targeted by the “settlement”,

which is obvious to everyone we’ve spoken with. Our clients have no intention of

letting him get away with it.

Harmon Action Covered

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August 29, 2017

The News In Pictures

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Second Wave About To Hit!



Watch out, Victoria!


Too late!


Closer to home:

Mayor unveils slip renters’ parking plan:


August 28, 2017

Problems? What Problems?

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I thought the problems were supposed to be last year.

Monday Moaning

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The wait staff from Cruz Bay Cafe were out in full force over the weekend handing out menus and taking orders on the 5th, 4th and 3rd Ave beaches. I’m sure this is going on on the beaches south of the pavilion too. This is being done in full view of the police.  None of the staff were wearing badges.

The selective enforcement of our beachfront regulations is corruption and….any move to change the law at this point would also be a corrupt act.  Whether they allow solicitation by special permit or simply remove the law and allow a free-for-all, it would be obviously done to help one politically favored entity and will be vociferously opposed on these pages.

I might even petition against it.  For Joy.

I also want to call this morning for the dismissal of Gibbons PC as our attorneys in all current and future litigation.  The Kapalko settlement they engineered, to the unanimous applause of our Council I might add, was a disaster for the Borough.  Did anyone really think that an agreement that ignores the legitimate interests of the Harmons was going to work? The only party that ending up benefiting was Gibbons PC who will now, if we let them, be charging us $450 hour to defend the Borough against the Harmons’ newest lawsuit.

August 27, 2017

Craft Hits Avon Jetty

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Belmar Got No Protections

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Because in Belmar they contract and build first, then seek permits.


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