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May 31, 2017

NYT Catches Kivvit In Fake Grass Roots “Covert Operation”

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Express Scripts is a drug benefit management company and, according to the Times, one of the 50 largest companies in the United States.

May 30, 2017

Street Fighting Men

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Not A Good Idea To Pee In Front Of Jim’s House

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See this and other videos on the SUMMER 2017 page.

May 29, 2017

Storm To Do List:

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1. Take one-way signs down from 16th Ave.

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Lots Of Cops At D’Jais

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May 28, 2017

Anchor Bar Tonight

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Field Report

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The Water’s Great, Don’t Come In.

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I find it hard to believe that anybody who lives in Belmar enjoys having 50,000 people jam into our square mile town on summer weekends even if the visitors are “middle class families” (which, of course, we all know they are mostly not.)  Actually I’m not sure it’s even proper for the Mayor to be so specific about what kinds of people he wants visiting.

But I, like the Mayor I guess, I would prefer that poor families not come to our town.  And I, like the Mayor I guess, would also prefer that rich families not come to our town.  On top of that, I would prefer that single people go to the beach somewhere else.  Unlike the Mayor though, I don’t want middle class families coming here either despite the fact that they are obviously so wonderful.

I don’t need to catalog all the problems that the hordes of visitors bring with them.  You’re all quite familiar, unfortunately.  For me it’s the traffic and the fact that the beach gets so overcrowded that I don’t even want to go there anymore.  For many of you the problems are much, much worse.

The only people that profit from the summer onslaught are the business owners and many of them don’t even live in Belmar.  The amount of tax they pay here has nothing to do with how profitable they are.  So why would it be our job to bring them customers?  What’s in it for us?

If they want to be here that’s fine…we should not stand in their way…but they have to get their own customers.

And despite all the mayor’s talk about the jobs they bring, the businesses here hire people from all over, not just Belmar (unless you’re a certain business that apparently likes to hire people that can vote in Belmar.)  It’s not like Belmar has an income tax and can tax people who work in Belmar.  People who live in Belmar can work anywhere, makes no difference to us.

I don’t say we should discourage tourism or be hostile to visitors in any way.  The town is beautiful and of course people are going to want to come.  Let them come.  But why are we spending tens of thousands of dollars promoting our town, only to have to live with the weight of having 50,000 people packed into one square mile?

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