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Monthly Archives: February 2012

These Guys Play Hardball!

From, Knoxville Tennessee:  For the second time in a week a traffic camera vendor is suing local government because citations for improper right turns on red have been halted based on a new state law. Redflex Traffic Systems Inc. on Monday filed suit against the town of Farragut and claims that without court intervention, […]

Coast Star Stories About The Cameras

This is such a big story that Molly had to write two articles about it.  The first one is mostly about Mr. Callari’s presentation and the nuts and bolts of how it works and all the governmental BS.  Coast Star subscribers can read it here. The second story is about the community’s (Connie, Tom, and […]

Red Light Poll In The Patch! You know what I need you to do.

Sweeney: Highest State Taxes In The Country Is Great!

It’s only the local taxes that are a problem. . Speaking in opposition to Christie’s proposed 10% income tax cut, the State Senate leader said: “It’s not the income tax that’s a problem in this state, it’s the property tax, I don’t know anyone that’s screaming for an income tax cut, but I sure know […]

Actual Photos Taken By Red Light Cameras

Of The Accidents THEY JUST CAUSED!                                         These photos were taken by red light cameras in Oxnard California of accidents resulting from panic stops caused by those very cameras.  They are from a report commisioned by […]

Red Light Camera “Pimping”……. The Perfect Crime?

From a story (no longer available on-line) in the Montgomery County (MD) Sentinel newspaper: As a prank, students from local high schools have been taking advantage of the county’s Speed Camera Program in order to exact revenge on people who they believe have wronged them in the past, including other students and even teachers. Students […]

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied

The first question I asked Charles Callari of ATS last Wednesday was what is the maximum amount of time the government has from the day of a red light offense being recorded to when the ticket is received by the car’s owner.  I was astonished to be told it is 90 days.  Think about that.  You […]

Freedom To Get The Red Light In Belmar?

Who’s kidding who?  Of course it’s all about the money.  There is no way we would even give a moments thought to installing red light cameras here in town if there weren’t some really handsome revenues at stake.  At Wednesday evening’s council meeting a certain Mr. Charles Callari, of American Traffic Solutions (ATS), made his […]

You Can Deal With This:

                      Or You Can Deal With That!                   . The top photo is an artist’s rendering of the proposed restaurant to replace Fishermans Den over at the marina.  It’s beautiful!  So clean and modern!  (I have to tell you I’m really […]