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Monthly Archives: May 2019

Utilize Undercover Beach Babes


Any Objections?


Not Only Did We Not Grow….

We had shrinkage!   If population growth is your thing, Belmar placed 553rd of 565 towns with a 1.03% drop.     I was never a big fan of growth so personally I don’t think it’s so bad for Belmar if it has slightly fewer people.  Except for me leaving of course.

2nd Ave Condos Approved


Looking Into Epic Pavilion Contract

I’m not, but apparently somebody out there is.     The responsive documents:   Flashback: Epic deal stank from the start   You may recall that the “Responsible Bidder” bid rigging attempt set off a legal battle that lasted most of 2014.  Thank you, Coast Star for your terrific reporting in this piece and for […]

Going Forward

Schedule set for Harmon trial Still opportunities to settle.  

If You’re Looking For Peace And Quiet….

Look someplace else!!                 


Kenny, Don’t You Dare Say A Word


Meet The Challengers

  BTW, they finally filed with ELEC   But are still delinquent filing with the Borough