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Monthly Archives: December 2013


We Don’t Need To Be Forced

We already give more than anybody else. The Charities Aid Foundation has released its 2013 World Giving Index, which ranks the world’s nations based on their populations’ frequency of contributing various forms of charity.  Note that the world’s 6 major English-speaking countries topped the list and that 7 of the top 8 have cultures that […]

My Merry Hess Mess

Toys for 56 year old men.  Hmmm.  Not sure that’s what Hess had in mind when they donated 1000 toy Hess trucks to Mayor Doherty’s Sandy victim toy drive. Then again, maybe they don’t really care.  The goodwill to be gained from the press coverage was worth the 10 to 20 grand the trucks might […]

Belmar’s OPRA Cases In The Star

Made the front page, actually.  (Maybe that’s because the Coast Star was one of the plaintiffs.) From the story: Belmar loses OPRA cases  The Borough of Belmar must make public several documents related to grants and gift cards given away post-Hurricane Sandy, the New Jersey Government Records Council [GRC] ordered late last week. A phone […]

Additional Info On Bean’s OPRA Complaint

If you care to read: The Arguments in the Case The Council’s Orders to Belmar .

Christmas In Korea

The Koreans really love Christmas! Have a great one, everybody.      

Recommended Reading

From the Washington Post’s interview with Edward Snowden:   Snowden is an orderly thinker, with an engineer’s approach to problem-solving. He had come to believe that a dangerous machine of mass surveillance was growing unchecked. Closed-door oversight by Congress and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court was a “graveyard of judgment,” he said, manipulated by the […]

The Original Non-Compliant Response

A year later now, the rest of the information will hopefully be released this coming week. Its important to note that if the administration really was concerned about the privacy rights of the gift card recipients, it would have honored the state’s strongly worded request and not inserted itself into the distribution of charitable donations […]


BELMAR DEEMED NON-COMPLIANT! Coast Star, Ehmann, Vitello win too! Gov’t Records Council Findings:      Click  HERE  

Saab Story

In Reuters: Saab wins Brazil jet deal after NSA spying sours Boeing bid   Brazil awarded a $4.5 billion contract to Saab AB on Wednesday to replace its aging fleet of fighter jets, a surprise coup for the Swedish company after news of U.S. spying on Brazilians helped derail Boeing’s chances for the deal. The contract, […]