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Monthly Archives: January 2017

In For Vin


Mayor Disses Me At Town Hall Meeting

As I mentioned, my tape of this month’s town hall meeting ended before the meeting ended and so I missed taping this enlightening exchange between the mayor and myself.  I noticed this morning that the town’s tape of the meeting, which thankfully did include the entire meeting, has only collected 11 views so far (my […]

I Wish He Would Just Go Away Already

LiUNA thanks the guv for the gas tax hike.

Last Week

I Wonder If They Know Each Other

. Bad week for Belmar burglars.     This guy’s a bad dude.  Keep your eyes open for him.   This one is bad and stupid.


Belmar Dems 97% Union Funded

4th quarter report shows a total of $15,352.56 in donations for 2016   Here’s where it all came from: So of the $15,352.56 collected in 2016, $14,900, or 97%, came from the Laborers, Electricians and Operating Engineers. The remaining 3% was from local party members. Meanwhile, the national leaders of some of Matt and Maggie’s […]


Some water reaching Taylor Pavilion Dunes start at 18th Avenue Click image to enlarge

2017 Good Year For Cats

Fritz reacts!

Camera Man

I think it’s pretty well known, or at least I hope it’s well known, that my abode is under 24 hour high tech camera surveillance.  It has come in useful at least one time.  Now thanks to my new SpyTec dash cam the road ahead of me is under surveillance as well.  Just like with […]