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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Tech Insight From A Reader

From an email I got last night: As an FYI… They’re scraping content from Instagram to create posts on the site’s blog using a service called IFTTT. Basically you hook your Instagram and WordPress accounts to the service and whenever a certain Instagram user is tagged (in this case D’Jais) it creates a WP blog […]

I’m Sure There Is A Perfectly Good Explanation

But I’m dying to know what it is. BTW, their Facebook page says they are in Philadelphia:

Paff Blog Covers $15,000 Vasil v. Belmar Settlement

Some of us already knew about this one, it was explained to the Mayor and Council at the May 19, 2015 meeting by Lori Dvorak of the JIF insurance fund.  You can view it at the 6:10 mark of the tape of that meeting. John Paff of the NJ Civil Settlements blog has just posted […]

If They Only Knew The Chris Christie We Know

Union Leader, New Hampshire’s largest paper, breaks my heart! Hopefully no one will listen to them.

Last Week


Probably many of you have known about for some time but I never had and ran across it, surprisingly for the first time, as part of my daily “belmar” Google search this morning. Whoever is running it also has an accompanying Facebook page: Twitter page: And Instagram Well it’s fine to have a fun […]

A Turkey Of A Thanksgiving Post

You know I hate posting on major holidays because I only enjoy posting when I have something new for you.  It may be new information to share, or it may be some original new thoughts I may have about a subject.  The important thing to me, and the thing that I believe is the reason […]

Next Tuesday’s Agenda

Paff’s Good Point

A really good point that John Paff makes at the end of the story below is that by settling these civil cases without trial (and with taxpayer dollars) the public is denied the opportunity to learn just exactly what happened in these cases and whether or not there was improper behavior by those on the […]

If I Lived In Tinton Falls, I’d Be Fuming

I ran across this story on More Monmouth Musings and bring you the original source story from the great John Paff”s NJ Civil Settlements blog. So now David Scrivanic, the alleged water thief, has been promoted from sergeant to lieutenant. His brother, John Scrivanic is now the chief, and the guy who was chief when […]