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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Live! From PORCFEST Porcupine Freedom Festival!

I’ve been up here in Lancaster, New Hampshire for the last few days attending PorcFest, the annual summer gathering of the Free State Project. There are over 800 people here this year. The FSP was founded in 2001 by a Yale Ph.D in political science named Jason Sorens. He is currently a professor of political science at The University of […]

SID’s Success A Mirage, Can’t Survive Downturns

Empty storefronts, some with “for rent” or “for lease” signs and others emptied of furniture and fixtures, dot the downtown district. Mayor Pasquale “Pat” Menna has called on landlords to lower rents to fill vacant storefronts  “We’re working with property owners to talk about those stores that are vacant on Broad Street, which has the […]

Horror Of Horrors! Brighton Beach, New York 6-24-10

That’s a hookah, a middle eastern water pipe for smoking shisha, which is a combination of tobacco and fruit molasses. Carol Davies better get there right away before some folks actually enjoy themselves!

Solar Power And The Abuse Of Government Power

Since liberals think they are so much smarter than the market (in other words, all of us), they feel absolutely no compunction about using force to make things the way they think they ought to be. They think their judgment is superior to the combined judgment of millions, and therefore the use of government power is justified […]

Please Watch This! .

What We Don’t Need (Or Can’t Afford):

 New Jersey Commission onBrain Injury Research Capital City Redevelopment Corporation Civil Service Commission New Jersey Commission onCancer Research Commission on Higher Education Commission on Science and Technology Council on Local Mandates Delaware River Basin Commission New Jersey Council onDevelopmental Disabilities Division of Rate Counsel Economic Development Authority Educational Facilities Authority (NJEFA) Energy Master Plan Environmental […]

First SID Meeting Sparsely Attended

The SID had it’s first meeting Wednesday evening. About twenty people showed up out of over two hundred “invited”. We’ve been told the business community is solidly behind the SID. I haven’t seen any evidence of that. Even the people who showed up for the meeting didn’t seem particularly enthusiastic. I guess the people who run it don’t really care as […]

Invest in the Future by Being Solvent Today

We are constantly reminded by Mayor Pringle how much pressure the budget is under this year. We heard it in his showdowns with the municipal workers, and later with the teachers, over their salaries and most recently with his showdown with the council over the plan to consolidate police services. Listening to the mayor it sounds like the situation is pretty […]

I Guess The Cat’s Out Of The Bag, and Hooray For Anna!

Those of you who read the local election results in yesterday’s Asbury Park Press might have noticed my name with an (I) next to it among the candidates for council here. It’s true. I am planning a council run this fall as an independent for smaller government. I got off to a good start Tuesday […]

I’m for “Little” Government. (Anna Little, that is)

Remember to go out and vote today in the Republican congressional primary. I’ve met and chatted with both candidates. Anna Little is to my mind a much better choice. She is charming, intelligent, and seems committed to respecting the limits on government set forth by the constitution. If she can beat Pallone too it would be the first time in my […]