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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Give Red Light Cameras The Black Flag

Best story yet on the red light camera controversy.  Some of you may know that I have been the lone voice fighting the introduction of red light cameras to Belmar.  Our current administration has been savoringcontemplating the idea for months now and even had a salesman from a red light camera company give them a presentation during […]

Final Ad Of The Campaign

Post Debate

The moderator cut it short so everyone could go home and watch the Giants so I didn’t get to speak as much as I had hoped to, but I think I did pretty well.  I got great responses from the (kinda smallish) crowd both during and after the debate.  I thought I was going to be […]

Don’t Miss The Big Debate Tonight!!

7:00 PM.  Belmar Elementary School.

Drop The S.I.D., Try My F.E.Z.

I rarely go to Red Bank but I was up there yesterday to bring my 13 year old daughter to Red Bank Catholic’s open house.  Let me tell you friends there were A LOT of vacant store fronts there.  The highly touted “RiverCenter”, which is the model for Belmar’s “Special Improvement District” doesn’t seem to be working […]

Unions = Bankruptcy

Mark Hemingway, for the Washington Examiner: Mark Hemingway: Will November be the death knell for big labor unions? By: Mark Hemingway Commentary Staff Writer October 17, 2010 Mark your calendars. Next month we might be able to pinpoint the day that big labor unions begin their decline to political irrelevancy. And no, we’re not talking […]

This Week’s Ad

End The New Jersey Income (redistribution) Tax

From Dr. Murray Sabrin, Professor of Finance, Ramapo College. New Jersey needs a zero income tax rate Governor Christie stated on Bloomberg radio he wants to cut the state income tax in order to make New Jersey more attractive than Pennsylvania and New York to do business.  However, if the governor wants to make New […]

This Week’s Ad

A Couple Of Notable Visitors To My Table At The Fall Festival

I explain to Congressman Frank Pallone why it is bad policy to ban incandescent light bulbs. He did take one of my sample “good old fashioned” light bulbs. No need to explain things to Anna Little.  She already gets it. Our next Congresswoman poses with one of my light bulbs as her daughter enjoys one […]