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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Council Meeting Nov 21, 2012

No More Appointed Incumbents, Please

With Jennifer Nicolay’s election this month to a full council term it occurs to me that two of our four councilmen, Ms. Nicolay, and Brian Magovern, (two of the three Democrats) were able to run in their first elections as appointed incumbents.  Considering the great advantage that incumbent candidates enjoy, it just seems to me to […]

Billabong Beach? Why Not? *Updated

At the most recent council meeting I suggested that instead of immediately borrowing $20 million to rebuild the boardwalk, and then depending on FEMA and the state to reimburse us for much of it, we should first at least investigate the possibility of turning the development and operation of the beachfront over to a private company.  […]

Council Meetings Online!

Mike Seebeck has begun taping the boro council meetings and has generously made them available to me for publication.  Here we present the meeting of Oct 17.  The delay in publication is due to some technical hurdles that I was too dumb to figure out and had to wait for a competent person to help me.  In the future […]

Thanksgiving Or Not, You Better Go To Tonight’s Meeting!


I haven’t had much to say lately (now there’s a first!)  I’ve been busy trying to catch up at my office, which was closed for two weeks.  And I assume many of my readers are busy with their work and, sadly for some, cleaning up and repairing the damage to their houses and businesses. But […]

Cuomo’s Polemics

As quoted in the Wall Street Journal: “They ran out of poles, believe it or not,” Cuomo said. “They ran out of poles. You know, poles are something that a utility company would want to have, you would think. You look at what a utility company does, it basically comes down to wire and poles […]

Hurricane Obama

As painful as Sandy was, and still is, the damage that it’s done pales in comparison to damage to our republic that is in store for us.  The welfare-warfare nation that has been solidified with the recent election will cost us far more money, and take far more lives, than any natural disaster ever could. […]

Drying Out (and Hopefully Lighting Up)

First off I have to state my deep respect for our police, fire and rescue workers for their performance both during the storm and in it’s aftermath.  I had my scanner on most of the time since Monday evening and these guys really had their hands full.  No call for help went unanswered. Also we […]