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Monthly Archives: July 2019

Menendez: Beach Umbrellas Are Federal Issue

But residents throw him some shade!  

Where In Flames Is The Sidewalk?


Shore’s Finest Salaries


Anyone Care To Comment On This?

Submitted by a reader:

Last Week

We’re Not Surprised

Aside from the beach and the entertainment and all that, the town itself is just a really nice town.     BTW, still getting settled in at the house. ┬áNot all the shelving and furniture is in so there are still cardboard boxes around waiting to be emptied. When that’s done I’ll get a bunch […]

CRDA Has $100 Million


The Pavilion Applications

La Dolce Vita, 10th Ave Burrito chosen despite submitting almost none of the required information.         I’m certain that if other vendors had known they could submit very incomplete applications like Vita and Burrito did, we would have gotten a lot more of them to choose from. To lay out all these […]

Well There’s Always Bar A And D’Jais

Brawling concertgoers ejected from train, released onto the streets of Belmar  

Council Meeting Of July 23, 2019

Hope you all got your power back.