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Monthly Archives: April 2013

They Know What Works

From the Star Ledger: AshBritt steps up lobbying spending in nation’s capital .

Belmar-nomics: Buy High, Sell Low

Several times our mayor has stated his intention to run Belmar “like a business”.  I guess he’s kept his word on that but I wish he hadn’t picked Solyndra as a business model. Witness, re-printed with the permission of the Coast Star and annotated (in italics) by yours truly: Borough not expected to make a […]

Why Is Counterfeiting Even Illegal Anymore?

So the Treasury is introducing a new, harder to counterfeit, $100 bill soon.  Why bother?  If the counterfeiters spend what they print, and of course they do, isn’t it just additional stimulus?  Doesn’t it help the economy in the same way as the Fed’s $70 billion/month “quantitative easing”?  I really see no difference at all […]

Council Meeting Of April 17, 2013

Sorry I was late to the meeting. Sorry I’m late in posting this. Sorry there’s only audio on this one.

Robbin Kirk’s New Office

Last Thursday there was a story in the Coast Star pertaining to the reimbursed wedding ring which was subsequently re-reimbursed immediately after the information became public.  Here is the relevant part of the story:  A wedding ring, the purchase of damaged cars from residents and paint to make concrete barricades look pretty were among the […]

More Budgetary Incontinence

Volunteer budget bloodhound Ted Ehman has sent me a new list emergency expenditures that he can not find in any of the bonds, and amazingly, can not find in any of the FEMA claims.  So it looks like we’ll be paying these this year. Date Purchase type Amount 11/9/2012 General Payroll- Hurricane Sandy $9,465 11/9/2012 […]

Smoker Saves Boston!

Our heartfelt thanks go out to the nine thousand some-odd law enforcement personnel involved in the chase for the Boston terrorists. We must particularly remember MIT police officer Sean Collier, who was killed, and Boston transit officer Richard Donahue, who was seriously wounded in separate encounters with the Tsarnaev brothers. But can we  please also […]

Economy? In Government?

“One of the greatest favors that can be bestowed upon the American people is economy in government.” Calvin Coolidge, 1924   Cal sure wasn’t talking about Belmar.  It’s becoming apparent, at least to me, that no one here even knows what “economy in government” is.  Can anyone out there give me one example of our […]

Thanks, FEMA

From the Patch: Home Collapses on Belmar Boulevard   A home in the process of being raised after seeing widespread Hurricane Sandy flooding has collapsed. The Belmar Boulevard home’s roof now sits asunder and its walls flattened after the home collapsed earlier this week. The house is on the south side of Route 35 near […]

They’re From Chechnya!

Who knew that Chechnya was such a hotbed for anti-tax, right-wing tea partiers? (And my deepest sympathies to David Sirota.)