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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Out Of A Job? Down On Your Luck?

Blow $35,000 on a new truck! This has got to be one of the stupidest car commercials I’ve ever seen.  What kind of idiot thinks that if you have a family, and you’re unemployed, that the right thing to do is to go into debt, or further into debt, and buy a brand new 4×4 […]

Corrupt Government Agencies, Part 9,588,267,328

Yawn.  I don’t even know why they waste newspaper ink over this stuff anymore, but for those of you who still don’t get it: From The Philadelphia Inquirer: New Jersey comptroller details waste by Delaware River Port Authority   The Delaware River Port Authority has wasted millions of dollars of toll payers’ money through mismanagement […]

Russia Today Defies Media Blackout Of Ron Paul

Great piece about the crowds Paul is attracting. The very next evening he drew a crowd of 5200 adoring fans in Madison, Wisconsin.

School Bullies

More bad news in yesterday’s APP: State warns Interlaken board: Send students to Asbury Park schools only or face penalties The Board of Education came under fire from borough residents this week for sending 15 Interlaken children to the West Long Branch and Shore Regional High School districts this school year under a contract not […]

If I Were Bruce I Wouldn’t Play Revels

Because it was financed with money stolen from the taxpayers!   From yesterday’s APP: Gov urges Springsteen to play at new casino   Gov. Chris Christie plans to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Thursday at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center — his 127th time at a Boss show, Christie said — but this visit […]

Do They Hate Us Because We’re Free?

Or Do They Hate Us Because We’re Bullies?   From Wednesday’s APP: Sanctions eyed in child abductions The U.S. government would be able to pursue sanctions ranging from a public rebuke to trade and credit suspensions against countries that harbor children abducted by a parent, under a bill approved by a House subcommittee on Tuesday. […]

Am I Sure?


Have We Gone Nuts?

Yes. From today’s Asbury Park Press: When New Jersey’s newly strengthened anti-bullying bill of rights took effect at the beginning of the 2011-12 school year, the first two incidents reported and investigated in the Long Branch School District involved “glaring.” “We had one high school kid who reportedly ‘glared’ at another. The investigation required six […]


As has been seen in so many of our urban centers, the people who have made it their jobs to halt an economic decline are themselves the ones that are the major cause of that decline.  If you look at all the cities in the country that are the biggest economic basket-cases, liberals have been […]

Ron Paul Kicks Ass On Leno. Literally.

Warning: Contains graphic violence.