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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Hampton’s Watchdogs

I don’t know if they’re right about everything, but it’s good that someone is looking at this stuff.  

More Fake News

The parade is Sunday, March 3, right? Hope none of you run into that guy Sunday.  (He’s probably coming Saturday anyway.)

Cali Suit Alleges AshBritt Fraud, Racketeering


105.7 The Birdbrain

Story tells its readers to come to Belmar on the wrong day!   And if you click the link to Transit, they know it’s Sunday but they think Sunday is the 4th!

D’Pais And…

…D’Plais!   Happy parade day, hope you have good weather.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

The hour is nigh for Hampton’s Olde Towne Meeting. .   One charming – and still useful – civic feature that survives from colonial times in this part of New England is the tradition of the annual town meeting.  These meeting are usually  held sometime at the end of winter and Hampton’s is this March […]

Who Knew?

That the Como project engineering bid had to be done in a certain way… and that if it wasn’t we would lose our funding? Colleen Connolly knew Robbin Kirk knew And Maser knew too   Referenced in the AG’s letter of January 11th is a June 4, 2015 “subrecipient training session” on the required procedures […]

Last Week

Thanks For Your Patronage, Belmar Taxpayers!

Gibbons’ billing records made public Vault 1   Vault 2   Vault 3 Vault 4   Vault 5   Vault 6  

Another Drug Bust