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Monthly Archives: January 2021

Interesting Read

Be sure to visit The Belmar Blog today.

Persistent Problem

Belmar, at 7.69 heroin cases per 1000 population, is 118th highest out of 545 towns in the state   Umm..make that 7.89?

Water $$ Evaporates

Reprinted with the very gracious consent of the Coast Star    

Good Time To Sell And Get Out


Zoom Log-In For Tonight’s Meeting

Now available at Sandy’s blog.  

Tuesday’s Meeting Info

Is now available on that other blog.  

With The NH GOP Now In Charge:

Proposed state Constitutional amendment #1: A prohibition on the taxation of personal earned income. Proposed state Constitutional amendment #2: A prohibition on a general sales tax. To pass it would require a 3/5 vote in both the state Senate and in the state House of Representatives.  It would then need a 2/3 vote by the […]

A Note About Tomorrow’s Council Meeting

Usually the Council meeting agendas are posted on the Friday or Saturday before, but oddly there is still nothing on the Borough site about tomorrow.  Borough offices are closed today for MLK so I assume it would have to be up first thing tomorrow morning. Remember, I’m no longer going to be publishing agendas, Zoom […]

I am very happy to report that my good friend Sandy Caputo has started a new blog and it is now on line with its first post.  “The Belmar Blog” will carry forward the mission of providing information and transparency about Belmar’s governmental and political activities. Un-coincidentally similar to this blog in appearance and content, […]

Debt Reduced By Almost Half

In just one year Current debt statement:   Last year’s statement: