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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Someone Needs To Be Rescued

Seen this morning by a reader:     Actually I had thought last March that they had 125 applications for 75 openings.

Sewage Overflow First Reported Here

Leads to L Street beach closure  

This Is How You Do It

Roof leaks?  Plumbing’s old?  Floors are shot?  Whatever.  This is what you do if you are the government entity responsible for maintaining a building for public use.     This is what the Council should do about our Borough Hall.  Fix it. If they put a second story on it they can have plenty of […]

Accident Cuts Power To Boathouse


Beautiful Jersey Girl


Big Spender


Health Hazard On 35


Gov @ D’Jais


Connolly To NEWS12: No Problems!

Then why is there only one guard there?

Overnight Inlet Incident

2:00 AM collision with Shark River jetty.  No injuries.