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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Lots Of Un-Zoning

Think Belmar is crowded now? It’s crazy condo week for the De-zoning Board! Wednesday: Thursday:  

Last Week

Fake News Or True Views?

Guess we’ll find out soon enough.    

Ollie Klein’s Father Passes…

…Was also Ollie Klein’s son.  

I Beg Your Pardon But….

    …Larry’s already been pardoned!  

Brandywine To Purchase Schneck Property


Monster Condos For Belmar Inn Neighborhood

. NEWS12 Reports:   Residents will fight for their neighborhood:     Lots of variances would be needed:   +   Hearing will be next Wednesday:   Zoning board members should prepare for a long night.


* Brandywine project tabled, “too busy right now”. * RFPs from other developers may be floated at some point. * Also, Council reverses previous decision…allows Loko’s Eastport development to go all-residential. * Mayor to open Seafood Festival with lobster pardon.   Actually I heard that Brandywine backed out of it.



Tomorrow Night

    Permit parking coming to marina lot:   Also, you south enders don’t forget there’s a meeting tonight about the one way streets.  I don’t think I will go but if anyone wants to tape it let me know.