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Monthly Archives: May 2011

What A Load Of (Alpaca) Poop

Yesterday’s 1000 word front page headline story in the Asbury Park Press reporting the amazing growth and profound virtues of alpaca farming neglects to mention one critical fact:  The only reason all these people are raising these smelly beasts is because you and I are paying them to.  As part of some dopey government scheme to […]

NJ Ranks 13th In State Workers Per Capita

Yesterday’s Asbury Park Press front page hit-piece on Christie’s flubbing some jobs data in various public appearances glosses over the most significant fact in the article.  Along with some apparent mis-statements about private sector job growth – I wonder if the author, Michael Symons, had all those numbers in his head, or if he had to look them […]

This Is The New Amerika

Christie Refuses To Defend The Constitution

I really don’t understand Christie’s reaction to Tuesday’s Supreme Court ruling. At a news conference he said of the decision “I intend to comply with the Supreme Court’s order” but later at a town hall meeting he said “You don’t elect the Supreme Court; you don’t expect them to be making law……But today, they made […]

I Know You’re Sick Of Hearing About Ron Paul……But

This video is really good.

Well, Duh!

There are two articles side by side on the front page of today’s Asbury Park Press.  Here is the first sentence of each article: The state Supreme Court is widely expected today to order New Jersey to spend hundreds of million of dollars, or more, on local public schools. and: New Jersey residents voted with […]

Wild Belmar Part 2

My neighbor Gene Creamer sent me a couple of photos of a deer that was in his yard yesterday.  Thanks Gene!

The Education Bubble

Just like nobody could foresee the bursting of the housing bubble (except those who did foresee it), nobody, or at least nobody in power, currently sees the bubble being blown up in higher education. The similarities between the education market and the pre-bust housing market are too big to ignore (unless you are a politician).  It starts with the government […]

Minimum Wage = Maximum Unemployment

There’s an article in today’s Asbury Park Press bemoaning the dearth of summer jobs available for our teenagers.  It points out the fact that employers only want to hire people with work experience.  Nowhere is it pointed out (except in a comment that I left) that the reason employers want only people with experience is because those without experience are […]

Doherty’s (Mike’s, not Matt’s) Plan

State Senator Mike Doherty (R-23) (I believe he is Matt’s twin brother, obviously separated at birth) has put together a plan to dump the Marxist (from each according to his ability, etc etc) school funding formula currently being forced on us by the State Supreme Soviet Court.  His proposal, dubbed the “Fair School Funding Plan”, […]