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Monthly Archives: January 2012

One Down, Couple Hundred To Go

Thank you, little ole Allamuchy Township, for standing up to the biggest bullies on the block.  Those would be ,of course, Mary Pat “Chuck Schumer” Angellini and her gang of know-it-all busybodies at 125 State St.  Allamuchy sued to prevent itself from being forced to implement Trenton’s “toughest in the nation” anti-bullying law.  (Why is it […]

I Didn’t Really Even Want To Write About This, But…

since the Mayor conceded that there were violations it really has become news and I’d be remiss in not commenting on it.  I apologize for not having done so earlier.  The whole episode was so distasteful to me that I was sort of hoping that it would just go away.  First let me say that it’s hard for […]

Oh, No! Another Scandal?

Breaking! Read: The Patch article included audio of that portion of the meeting. I think Mayor Doherty and Councilman Magovern owe Mike Seebeck an apology. That crap about the teenage girls was disgusting and totally out of line. I will write more about this tomorrow or Saturday when I have more time.

SID Lives

Well the SID got another one year lease on life, albeit with a slightly reduced budget, as the council Wednesday night approved it’s continuance by a 3 to 2 vote after a rather contentious public hearing.  Jim Bean voted against it as expected, but surprisingly Councilman Brian Magovern also opposed it, saying that it’s $135,000 […]

Sweeney’s Agenda

In a recent Courier Post interview, published Saturday in the Asbury Park Press, Senate President Steve Sweeney discussed his three legislative priorities for the 2012 session.  As you might have expected, I’m against all three of them. His number one issue, his mostest importantest, absolute must must must-do legislative goal is…………………… a bankrupt state, with some […]


Not today please.  I stand in solidarity with the many websites blocking out their content today in protest of the “Stop Online Piracy Act” ( SOPA).   SOPA is the government’s back door way of destroying free speech on the internet.  I don’t know how to block my blog so please just pretend I’m blocking […]


So the SID’s proposed second year budget (another $175,000!) is due for approval at the Jan 18 council meeting and in order to allay Mr. Shrimp owner Vince Petruziello’s recently stated displeasure at the lack of transparency regarding the SID, a special meeting, open to the public, was held Tuesday evening.  Mr. Petruziello is on the […]

Freedom Is On The March

Of course I would have loved for Ron Paul to come in first just to stick it to all the establishment Republican hacks who have been obsessed with destroying him over the last two weeks.   Anyone subject to the type of ugly, non-stop smear campaign that Paul has been the target of recently would be lucky not to find himself […]