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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Boon or Boondoggle?

First of all I’d like to wish Matt Doherty the best of luck in his upcoming mayoral campaign. I like Matt. With the exception of Merry Brennan, who regrettably stepped down a few weeks ago, Matt seems to be the only member of our governing body who actually will entertain views opposing his own when they are […]

Black Sunday

It is not considered enough that the law should be just, it must be philanthropic. It is not sufficient that it should guarantee to every citizen the free and inoffensive exercise of his faculties, applied to his physical, intellectual, and moral development; it is required to extend well-being, instruction, and morality, directly over the nation. […]

My Letter To Matt Doherty About Red Light Cameras In Belmar

You might or might not be aware that Belmar is planning to install red light cameras on Route 35. I found a number of studies that show that accidents and injuries actually increase when these cameras are installed. I brought this up at last night’s council meeting and Matt asked me to send him the […]

Mandated Into Oblivion

I obtained a copy of a 2008 letter written from the township manager of a North Jersey town to a State Assembly committee chairman and cced to a number of NJ public officials. It has an attachment listing state mandates that this particular town of 6100 is forced to implement. It is pointed out in the letter that this list […]

My Response To “High taxes driven by multiplicity of towns” In Today’s Asbury Park Press

Gina Genovese is flat wrong in her assertion that lack of consolidation is the cause of New Jersey’s high taxes. The states that New Jersey residents are fleeing to do have something in common, but it’s not the level of consolidation. In actuality, all these states have less consolidation and more local autonomy than New […]

Dilute The Power Of Belmar’s Politicians

I would like to extend my best wishes to Mayor Pringle with whatever he decides to do in the future. Whatever one thinks of his policies, everyone agrees he has worked tirelessly in pursuing them and deserves to take some time off and have some fun. Of course those of us who are critical of some […]

Was It Something I Said?

I’m sorry Kenny, I take it all back.

Notes From Wednesday’s Council Meeting

Our public officials continue the hard work of crafting the particular legalistic fog needed to veil the true aim of their bill to prevent the filming in Belmar of TV shows that they don’t like, specifically “Jersey Shore”. Look for a very intricate law to come out of this since it has to be so specifically […]

Government Restaurants and Private Industry Streetlights?

While the town busily spends taxpayer money on building restaurants, they are demanding commercial property owners, many of whom are not even residents, pay for such basic improvements as new streetlights and sidewalks. Call me old-fashioned, but where I come from private parties built restaurants and the city government took responsibility for streetlights. Now I, for […]