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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Seasonals Won’t Open Early This Year

Legislature goes into recess, A1850 still unsigned. Deadline to veto falls to May 11. We’ll continue to watch.

Star, With New On-Line Format…..

    Implies Mayor’s involvement with redevelopment  

Hutchinson Chair, Casserly Vice


Guilty Verdict In Belmar Sex Assault


Vox Populi

Polls for a Tuesday morning.      

Beach Bummer

No bags and now no drags . Flashback summer 2011, Hampton Beach, NH….. And summer 2018 for good??????

Last Week

Kivvit Lands $15 Million Contract

From Save Jersey:

7:48 This Morning

The three men who seen leaving the van and going into MEEMOM’S were not in police uniforms. Actually my wife and I go there every week but we usually take our own car.

Well, Family Life Is Highly Overrated Anyway

    Tip of the hat to “Bottom of the List”