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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Belmar Planning Board Meeting Of Jan 30, 2013

So it was all a big mistake.

Belmar Council Meeting Of Jan 30, 2013

Belmar Council Meeting Of Jan 16, 2013

Sorry so late.


Sea foam, Belmar style.   With BOOZE!   There will be two secret special meetings Wednesday night, the Planning Board at 6:00 and the Council at 7:00, to rush through their plans to line Ocean Ave with bars!  No kidding! Anyone who might have an opinion on the subject might want to attend these meetings. […]

Tiananmen Square Survivor Speaks Out!

“The Chinese Constitution has all the same rights in it as the U.S. Constitution……except one.”  

A Great Inauguration Speech!

No, Not Obama’s.  That was just more of his usual drivel. I’m refering to Warren G. Harding’s 1921 inaugural address, given in the depth of a deep recession as bad as any we’ve ever known.  Harding understood that the economy needed to rebalance itself from the economic distortions of WW1 and was wise and self-confident enough to counsel […]

Meet The New Rip Off, Same As The Old Rip Off

Yesterday’s Patch reports that the legislative budget committee has rejected Christie’s proposed school funding changes.  The new plan did nothing anyway to address the massive transfer of money from suburban taxpayers to urban school districts.  So in any case the plan remains the same:  Rip us off. Below we see what Belmar and a few […]

Who Knows What The Real Economic Picture Is?

The Shadow knows!  (ShadowStats, that is.) If you ever want to know the country’s true economic numbers the first thing to do is ignore what the American government is telling you.  Their figures are manipulated to hide the truth about what kind trouble we’re in. One very reliable source for the true economic figures is […]

The SID Flinches

Wednesday evening the SID withdrew it’s proposed $176,000 budget, thus avoiding an embarrassing rejection by the council.  Apparently even the Democrats couldn’t go along with a 30% increase over last year’s $135,000 budget.  I thought it was kind of crappy to drag all those interested people to the meeting, many of them having prepared to […]

House Passes The Pork (And Gravy!)

mmmmmm……..smells good!  Pass some over to me! From the Patch: The aid was approved in two measures, the first in the form of a $17 billion package designed to provide immediate aid primarily to victims of Sandy in New York and New Jersey, and the second, overarching package, adding an additional $33.7 billion in aid […]