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January 31, 2013

Belmar Planning Board Meeting Of Jan 30, 2013

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So it was all a big mistake.

Belmar Council Meeting Of Jan 30, 2013

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Belmar Council Meeting Of Jan 16, 2013

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Sorry so late.

January 29, 2013


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Sample a flood of suds with your buds at the Idaho Brewers Festival.

Sea foam, Belmar style.




There will be two secret special meetings Wednesday night, the Planning Board at 6:00 and the Council at 7:00, to rush through their plans to line Ocean Ave with bars!  No kidding!

Anyone who might have an opinion on the subject might want to attend these meetings.


January 23, 2013

Tiananmen Square Survivor Speaks Out!

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“The Chinese Constitution has all the same rights in it as the U.S. Constitution……except one.”


January 22, 2013

A Great Inauguration Speech!

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No, Not Obama’s.  That was just more of his usual drivel.

I’m refering to Warren G. Harding’s 1921 inaugural address, given in the depth of a deep recession as bad as any we’ve ever known.  Harding understood that the economy needed to rebalance itself from the economic distortions of WW1 and was wise and self-confident enough to counsel patience and non-intervention.

Here is a passage from it:

The business world reflects the disturbance of war’s reaction. Herein flows the lifeblood of material existence. The economic mechanism is intricate and its parts interdependent, and has suffered the shocks and jars incident to abnormal demands, credit inflations, and price upheavals. The normal balances have been impaired, the channels of distribution have been clogged, the relations of labor and management have been strained. We must seek the readjustment with care and courage. Our people must give and take. Prices must reflect the receding fever of war activities. Perhaps we never shall know the old levels of wages again, because war invariably readjusts compensations, and the necessaries of life will show their inseparable relationship, but we must strive for normalcy to reach stability. All the penalties will not be light, nor evenly distributed. There is no way of making them so. There is no instant step from disorder to order. We must face a condition of grim reality, charge off our losses and start afresh. It is the oldest lesson of civilization. I would like government to do all it can to mitigate; then, in understanding, in mutuality of interest, in concern for the common good, our tasks will be solved. No altered system will work a miracle. Any wild experiment will only add to the confusion. Our best assurance lies in efficient administration of our proven system.
  The forward course of the business cycle is unmistakable. Peoples are turning from destruction to production. Industry has sensed the changed order and our own people are turning to resume their normal, onward way. The call is for productive America to go on……………. 

The recession soon ended and we were off to the roaring 20s!

Meet The New Rip Off, Same As The Old Rip Off

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Yesterday’s Patch reports that the legislative budget committee has rejected Christie’s proposed school funding changes.  The new plan did nothing anyway to address the massive transfer of money from suburban taxpayers to urban school districts.  So in any case the plan remains the same:  Rip us off.

Below we see what Belmar and a few of her neighbors receives under the new “fair” formula versus the old “unfair” formula.

Town                                            NEW               OLD         CHANGE

Monmouth Avon Boro …………$234,020……$234,020…$0 0.0%

Monmouth Belmar Boro ………$1,222,932…$1,222,932…$0 0.0%

Monmouth Bradley Beach…….$1,224,183….$1,224,183…$0 0.0%

Monmouth Brielle Boro…………$870,253……$870,253….$0 0.0%

Monmouth Manasquan Boro…..$1,012,055…$1,012,055….$0 0.0%

Monmouth Sea Girt Boro………$185,103……$185,103…..$0 0.0%

Monmouth Lake Como…………$661,243……$661,243…..$0 0.0%

Monmouth Spring Lake Boro…..$350,211……$350,211….$0 0.0%

Monmouth Spring Lake Hghts…$478,960……$479,484…..$-0.1%

Monmouth Wall Twp………….$4,934,831….$4,941,743…..$-0.1%

Full list of towns available here.


Now I know Belmar residents pay at least $6 million a year in state income tax.  We’re only getting 20% of it back in state aid.  Some of our neighbors fare even worse.  This is Trenton’s idea of “fair”.

The good news is that even though we’re paying twice for our kids’ (overpriced) educations, first through the income tax, then through our property tax, at least we’re getting the bestest, most wonderfulest education that unlimited funding can buy.  Just ask the experts that are promoting the new plan:

There is agreement among the education community throughout the country that these standards are precisely the ones that best represent what high school graduates need to know and be able to do to meet the college and career readiness demands of the 21st Century.

I guess these guys are so smart they were able to figure out exactly what everyone should know.  How on earth did we ever get by without them?


January 20, 2013

Who Knows What The Real Economic Picture Is?

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The Shadow knows!  (ShadowStats, that is.)

If you ever want to know the country’s true economic numbers the first thing to do is ignore what the American government is telling you.  Their figures are manipulated to hide the truth about what kind trouble we’re in.

One very reliable source for the true economic figures is the great John Williams’ ShadowStats.

Take inflation for example.  All the moneyprinters tell us to relax because there’s no inflation.  But after experiencing the inflation caused by Nixon cutting the dollar’s tie to gold they decided to change the way inflation is measured.  Williams explains here.

Look at this comparison between inflation measured under the 1980 CPI vs. the way they measure it now.












And since they are supposed to factor out inflation when calculating GDP they get to lie about that too.  See below:












Unemployment is also much worse than they tell us.  Look at Williams’ unemployment chart:












But here is the worst news.  Williams has just released his estimate of the true 2012 budget deficit, using the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles instead of the bogus method used by the government.  As a matter of fact, if any company tried to use the accounting methods the government uses they would be charged with fraud.  And the true budget deficit?  You thought a whopping $1.4 trillion, or 40% of the budget, was a disaster?

Try 6.9 TRILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!  

What’s the word for much, much bigger than whopping?


January 18, 2013

The SID Flinches

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Wednesday evening the SID withdrew it’s proposed $176,000 budget, thus avoiding an embarrassing rejection by the council.  Apparently even the Democrats couldn’t go along with a 30% increase over last year’s $135,000 budget.  I thought it was kind of crappy to drag all those interested people to the meeting, many of them having prepared to speak, and then cop out of having a hearing and a vote.

I wish they would just drop the whole thing already.  It was a bad idea from the start and it’s done nothing to improve the business climate in town.  Maybe they can save face by saying that due to the hurricane the town’s businesses need to direct their financial resources elsewhere.  It certainly would be the truth.

The issue of declaring the entire town in need of rehabilitation was answered to my satisfaction although several residents remained highly suspicious.  The mayor explained that in order to get 5 year tax abatements on improvements for folks who want to improve their houses while repairing the storm damage, they had to use this law to get the idea past our state overlords (my term, not his.)  Actually, I believe it is not so much this town, but it’s government that is in need of rehabilitation.

Anyway Matt stated unequivocally that this has nothing to do with eminent domain or anything like that.  I wish the sate would just butt out of our affairs so we wouldn’t have to do things like this.

And the $4 million bond to repair our non-profit marina will be paid mostly by our sugar-daddies at FEMA.  So yipee!  Spend away!

January 16, 2013

House Passes The Pork (And Gravy!)

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mmmmmm……..smells good!  Pass some over to me!

From the Patch:

The aid was approved in two measures, the first in the form of a $17 billion package designed to provide immediate aid primarily to victims of Sandy in New York and New Jersey, and the second, overarching package, adding an additional $33.7 billion in aid and bringing the total to more than $50 billion.

The purpose of splitting the aid package, presumably, was to give House Republicans the chance to vote for immediate aid while rejecting a larger package some have contested contains irresponsible spending and would throw the country into deeper debt………………

………………….Among the objections of the GOP were funding for the National Weather Service’s Ground Readiness Program, which is used to better predict storms like Sandy, NOAA grant funding, used to aid the study of climate change, among other environmental issues, and $1 million in funding for Sandy victims in need of legal advice and services.

And the Alaskan fisheries and the refurbishing of the Smithsonian and the………………

Very generous, guys.  Just remember that ALL of this money will be either printed and/or borrowed from the Chinese.  Now go enjoy spending it.

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