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Monthly Archives: September 2019

Tomorrow’s Agenda


Church: Take Your Time


Last Week

It’s A Sign


This Morning

Karen brought the camera along  

What’s Going There?

Hopefully it will be two or three nice houses and not……..CONDOS!  

Court Supports Zoning Decision


Debate Drought Continues

Hasn’t been one in Belmar since 2010   I was in that 2010 debate, btw.¬† So was Matt Doherty, Jim Bean, Brian Magovern, Claire Deicke, Richard Wright and Greg Dempsey. It was a real clash of titans.

State A.G. : Return $1 Mil FEMA Overpayment

I don’t know why it’s addressed to Colleen. ¬†Maybe we should just forward it to her.  

Como Funding Rejection Letter