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May 28, 2013

Residents Sue To Stop Booze On The Boardwalk

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Pringle is their lawyer!

As reported in the Coast Star:

Two Belmar residents filed a lawsuit against the borough this week, seeking to overturn the town’s designation of the beachfront as an area in need of redevelopment.

On May 20, the law firm of Pringle Quinn Anzano, filed suit on behalf of borough residents Steven Edelman and Henry Grau, seeking to invalidate the mayor and council’s April 3 decision designating the boardwalk area as an area in need of redevelopment.

Former Belmar mayor Ken Pringle is a partner in the firm.

The council approved a resolution with a 4-1 vote at the April 3 council meeting that designates the beachfront as an area in need of redevelopment. Councilman Jim Bean was the sole no vote…………………….

…………………….“As a resident and property owner, I am deeply troubled that our mayor and council are misusing the redevelopment law in order to get around the state’s public bidding laws and choose their own developer and tenants,” Mr. Edelman said. “This would also give the borough the ability to unilaterally decide the character of our town.”………………………….

…….Mr. Grau said declaring the boardwalk area as an area “is of particular concern, because the mayor has already gone on record saying that the borough is going to allow the developer of the new Thirteenth Avenue Pavilion to have a special liquor license issued by the state. Belmar has come too far to have our mayor and council negotiating private deals to give selected developers the rights to build pavilions with liquor licenses on our boardwalk.”

Mayor Doherty said having a liquor license at the beachfront is a possibility, “but nobody said anything definite.”


May 26, 2013

Memorial Day

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Remember that the Constitution outlines our freedoms but it was the Continental Army that made our Constitution possible.

And I can see only two causes worth the sacrifice of our children: to protect our Constitution and to defend this country.

So I hope that scenes like this can someday become much less familiar to we Americans.

And thank you for your sacrifice, Pfc Devin Grella, Medina Ohio


May 25, 2013

Should Have Used The Ipe

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Well we’re certainly not going to make much headway this weekend against paying off that $20 million bond we took out to pay for the new boardwalk.  Even though the skies are supposed to clear up tomorrow it is still going to be too cool for very many people to spend time (and money) at the beach.

I blame Rainforest Relief and the Sierra Club for this.  It was their threat to sue us if we used ipe wood that made Matt Doherty switch to Trex in his haste to get the boardwalk built and thus saved a few hundred of their precious ipe trees.  Well thanks, Rainforest Relief and Sierra Club.  Those few hundred trees, according to your propaganda, prevented the global warming we needed to get the crowds out here.  Without the revenues those crowds would have produced, we can’t pay off our bond!

BTW, seems like everyone else finished their boardwalks on time, too.  Even Avon, which wisely stuck with it’s decision to use the ipe despite the ridiculous threats from the global cooling global warming climate change crowd.

May 24, 2013

Last Fall’s Silver Lining

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No, there is no silver lining to Hurricane Sandy.  Only a college-educated economist, taught not to recognize any difference between money velocity and wealth creation, could find some benefit to the massive destruction of valuable assets.

Rather last fall’s cloud, which has recently exposed it’s silver lining to us, is Obama’s re-election.

If Romney had won last fall we would never have learned how little resistance the IRS had to being politically weaponized.  The occurrence, exposure and reaction to the IRS scandal will do more to reform the total disaster that is the IRS than anything Romney would have done.  I’ve even heard some talk in the media of actually ridding ourselves of this darkness once and for all and switching to a consumption-based, non-invasive tax like the Fair Tax.   I think more people will be taking a serious look at that as the IRS scandal unfolds.  We would never have had this opportunity if Romney had been elected.

Another benefit of the blessing-in-disguise election is the exposure of the Benghazi fiasco.  The American people are about to learn that the Benghazi outpost was not an embassy or a consulate, but rather possibly part of a super secret State Department operation to buy back Stinger missiles that we had given to Al Qaeda when we were assisting them in bringing down Gaddafi.  This episode will help make clear the absolute folly of a foreign policy which basically holds that the United States must choose sides and get involved in any conflict that happens anywhere in the world.  Even when, as in this case, there are no good guys we still decide who are the least bad bad guys and give them arms.  It’s total insanity.  Stinger missiles are capable of downing airliners!  And there is evidence emerging that the true purpose of the Fast and Furious gun-running episode was to help “our guys” in the Mexican drug gang wars.  With Obama in office these scandals are unlikely to go away.  Maybe enough of us will learn the truth and pressure Washington to basically mind our own business and stop trying to run the world.

On top of all that, we have learned from the White House’s violation of AP and Fox News that our press freedoms are heading in the direction of Russia’s.  Obama’s re-election has permitted us the time to reverse this trend before it’s too late.  Again,  this would not be in the news if Obama weren’t president.

But the best thing about Obama’s re-election is that a recently elected Romney would be imposing all his favorite ideas on us right now.  If you look at the way he ran Massachusetts, I don’t think it would be anything to be excited about.  I think I’d prefer a crippled Obama to a powerful Romney.


Attention SID Members

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That the SID has done nothing for.

The provision in the state code that allows the creation of Special Improvement Districts says this:

40:56-72. Financing and assessment to properties especially benefited; list
A pedestrian mall or special improvement district ordinance may provide that all costs of development, construction and acquisition relating to the creation of a pedestrian mall or provision of improvements for a special improvement district, as the case may be, shall be financed and assessed to properties especially benefited thereby* as provided generally by R.S. 40:56-1 et seq., and the ordinance shall list and describe, by lot and block numbers and by street addresses, all properties to be assessed for the pedestrian mall or special district improvements, as the case may be.

*my italics

May 23, 2013

Jade Can Sing!

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Jade Glab officially opens the boardwalk, May 22, 2013.

IRS: Give Us Their Names

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May 22, 2013

Boardwalk Opening Outrage!

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The mayor again abuses his power by injecting politics into an occasion that should have been decidedly non-political.  I had to work today, but I pass on an email I received from Thomas Burke, who was at the scene and witnessed our mayor’s very ugly behavior:

Today, at the very, very public ribbon cutting of the “new” Belmar boardwalk, Mayor Doherty blatantly denigrated Councilman Jim Bean. When thanking those who were responsible for making the day possible, the mayor acknowledged all members of the Belmar council  BUT  Jim Bean. Now I think we all know this had to be intentional.  Not only does is it show the mayor’s apparent lack of value or importance to Mr. Bean, but It also shows that he, Doherty, is a very vindictive leader.
Mr Bean is just as much responsible for today’s events as any other member of the borough council.  He voted in favor of the bonds funding the clean up and the building of the boardwalk, and he led a team of local residents in helping the clean-up process in the early days after Sandy struck.  While the mayor was looking for his cell phone, Jim was hauling truck loads of boardwalk debris from residents’ front lawns, and his team was helping pump out the basements of the  town’s people.
Seems to me that the Mayor just does not like to be called out on his associations and to be questioned on why things were done the way they were……Mr Bean was elected to ask those very questions. 
Mr. Mayor, you use you position to publicly denigrate an elected official…Shame on you. If anyone is playing politics it is you.


May 20, 2013

Another Wobbly Card

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Holding up our house of cards economy.


From NBC Business:

Big reason for stock boom? Companies buying back stocks

……………Every manner of company is caught up in the buying binge, including home-improvement chains, makers of farm equipment and jet engines, airlines, sellers of soft drinks and of hard liquor alike. Not one to miss a hot trend, Apple recently authorized as much as $50 billion of buybacks.

Investors like buybacks because they suggest companies think their stock is cheap. They also help reduce the number of shares outstanding, which automatically increases earnings per share. And higher earnings per share often, though not always, lead to rising stock prices.

But buybacks are also crucial to the rally for a reason that’s not widely known. Companies are one of the few big stock purchasers nowadays. Nearly every other big player in the stock market has been selling more than they’ve been buying.

Pension funds have been selling. Local and state governments have been selling. Investment brokerages have been selling. And, yes, until recently, even Main Street investors……………….

…………….However much they spend, each dollar of buybacks appears to be having a greater effect on raising the prices of certain stocks. That’s because fewer shares are changing hands each day. On Wall Street, it’s referred to as a “drying up” of liquidity. And like in any market, a purchase or sale when fewer people are trading can push prices up and down much more……………………..

……………..Instead of getting excited, though, some on Wall Street are worried.

Gregory Milano, CEO of consultancy Fortuna Advisors, has run studies showing that companies that spend the most on buying back their own stock tend to underperform because they don’t spend enough on opening new factories, research or otherwise building their business for the long term.

Andrew Smithers, who runs a London-based investment consultancy, thinks buybacks have pushed stocks more than 40 percent higher than they’re worth. In his book “The Great Deformation,” former U.S. budget director David Stockman says Corporate America is drunk on buybacks and that they’ve helped push stocks up too far, too.

Another problem is that buybacks can give investors a false sense of strength of the true earnings power of a company. Forty percent of the increase in the earnings per share of S&P 500 companies in the past 12 months came from reducing the number of shares through buybacks, estimates Barry Knapp, chief U.S. stock strategist at Barclays Capital.

Are you invested in this? …… Hope you can get your timing right when it’s time to get out.

May 19, 2013

Don’t Fix It, End It

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The IRS can not be reformed.  If we are going to tax income income in this country then we need an agency that makes it it’s own business to be involved in everybody else’s business.  And any organization with the power to track the production of every person living in this country, citizen and non-citizen alike, has the power to destroy our freedoms, our rights, our privacy, and the Republic itself.

Letting the politicians decide what forms of production are taxed and at what rate does nothing to make us wealthier.  It only fattens the lobbyists and the politicians who accept their bribes.  Taxes on profits keep money earned by American companies overseas from being repatriated.  The income tax also is an irritant to relations with foreign governments as we demand that they loosen their own banking privacy laws so we can track the incomes of Americans living overseas or depositing money overseas.

But the worst thing about the income tax is that it retards economic growth.

It’s a well known fact that anything you tax you get less of.  So why would we want to put a tax on wealth creation?

What we need to do is scrap the income tax and the IRS and move to a consumption-based tax like the Fair Tax.  Despite what the economic geniuses in Washington would have you think, it’s production, not consumption that enriches us.  Ending the tax on production and steering more of our resources from consumption to investment would re-boot the entire economy, spur real economic growth, end all the lobbying and eliminate the government’s excuse to invade our priva…………..excuse me one second……….there’s a man at the door who wants to talk to me……………………Yes, I’m David Schneck…….but…but…….I see…..yes, I get it……..yes, loud and clear………thank you sir, have a good day.

Umm…. Ahh…… Never mind all that stuff I said up there.  We need the IRS.  They’re a bunch of great guys.  Sorry to waste your time.


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