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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Residents Sue To Stop Booze On The Boardwalk

Pringle is their lawyer! As reported in the Coast Star: Two Belmar residents filed a lawsuit against the borough this week, seeking to overturn the town’s designation of the beachfront as an area in need of redevelopment. On May 20, the law firm of Pringle Quinn Anzano, filed suit on behalf of borough residents Steven […]

Memorial Day

Remember that the Constitution outlines our freedoms but it was the Continental Army that made our Constitution possible. And I can see only two causes worth the sacrifice of our children: to protect our Constitution and to defend this country. So I hope that scenes like this can someday become much less familiar to we Americans. […]

Should Have Used The Ipe

Well we’re certainly not going to make much headway this weekend against paying off that $20 million bond we took out to pay for the new boardwalk.  Even though the skies are supposed to clear up tomorrow it is still going to be too cool for very many people to spend time (and money) at […]

Last Fall’s Silver Lining

No, there is no silver lining to Hurricane Sandy.  Only a college-educated economist, taught not to recognize any difference between money velocity and wealth creation, could find some benefit to the massive destruction of valuable assets. Rather last fall’s cloud, which has recently exposed it’s silver lining to us, is Obama’s re-election. If Romney had […]

Attention SID Members

That the SID has done nothing for. The provision in the state code that allows the creation of Special Improvement Districts says this: 40:56-72. Financing and assessment to properties especially benefited; list A pedestrian mall or special improvement district ordinance may provide that all costs of development, construction and acquisition relating to the creation of […]

Jade Can Sing!

Jade Glab officially opens the boardwalk, May 22, 2013.

IRS: Give Us Their Names

Boardwalk Opening Outrage!

The mayor again abuses his power by injecting politics into an occasion that should have been decidedly non-political.  I had to work today, but I pass on an email I received from Thomas Burke, who was at the scene and witnessed our mayor’s very ugly behavior: Today, at the very, very public ribbon cutting of […]

Another Wobbly Card

Holding up our house of cards economy.   From NBC Business: Big reason for stock boom? Companies buying back stocks ……………Every manner of company is caught up in the buying binge, including home-improvement chains, makers of farm equipment and jet engines, airlines, sellers of soft drinks and of hard liquor alike. Not one to miss […]

Don’t Fix It, End It

The IRS can not be reformed.  If we are going to tax income income in this country then we need an agency that makes it it’s own business to be involved in everybody else’s business.  And any organization with the power to track the production of every person living in this country, citizen and non-citizen […]