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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Patch Provides Some Answers

Fired Officer Files Perjury-Related Complaints Against Belmar Officers .

Perjury Charges For Belmar’s Top Cops? *Updated!

An anonymous reader sent these to me yesterday and asked that they be made public.  I have not yet validated their authenticity. *Update.  Verified as authentic! .

Up With Steve Kornacki?

Or Dancing with the Stars? Mayor Doherty on msnbc: Steve talks to Alex Witt about Doherty’s appearance:

Parties Have Their Place

But Maybe Not in Belmar I attended the New Jersey Libertarian Party state convention yesterday. While I really enjoy the time I spend discussing the benefits of liberty, and the morality of liberty, with readers of the blog and members of the public, it’s always great fun to be in a room full of people […]

Little Urge To Merge

It seems to me that liberals in New Jersey are just a little too enthusiastic about municipal consolidation for it to be about eliminating redundancies and excess capacity in the provision of municipal services. Sweeney and other liberal proponents are selling it as “eliminating government”.  Hmmm.  Something must be up.  Since when does a liberal […]

New Jersey’s Constitution Is Perfectly Safe…..

From Space Aliens! . Coast Star reporter Haley Behre does a pretty good job of covering my Q&A with Christie: Belmar resident Dave Schneck followed up Mr. Toman’s question with another one focusing on education. This time, though, the question focused on the school funding formula the state Supreme Court ruled on for the Abbott […]

Potheads To Fix Potholes?

From NJ senator wants legalize marijuana to pay for roads TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — A New Jersey lawmaker wants to legalize marijuana, tax it and use the revenue to pay to fix the state’s roads and bridges. State Sen. Nicholas Scutari announced his plan Monday, acknowledging that opposition from Gov. Chris Christie could seriously […]

Trenton’s March Madness

And one bright spot……but not really. Please read this post in the context of the fact that New Jersey owns the embarrassing distinction  of being the number one state in the nation for outward migration, and has owned it for three of the last four years.  Also bear in mind that the N.J. Legislature is […]

Schneck’s Question Of The Governor

Covered in the Asbury Park Press (This blog mentioned too.) *Update: Censorship at work.  Article re-written with my name, photos  and reference to the blog removed.   Christie critical of Asbury Park schools.  

Need More Convincing?

Leaked Phone Calls! New U.S.-supported government in Kiev possibly behind sniper killings of protesters in false flag attack.  Click here. U.S. State Department officials set up puppet regime in Kiev.  Click here. Plus: Reagan’s ambassador to Soviet Union: “Russia responding to hostile U.S. policy.”  Click here.