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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Granite State Of Mind

New Marina Plans Revealed!

My secret source at Chefs International has revealed that, after crunching the numbers, the accountants there have decided to scale back the marina building plans even further!  At great personal risk he has purloined an artist’s rendition of the new proposal to be presented to the Planning Board January 12.  

Santa Around the World

Mexico! Japan! South Africa! Italy! India! Hong Kong! Have a great Christmas everybody!   BTW, after Christmas we are going to New Hampshire for a few days of fact-finding.  If I get a chance I’ll check in, otherwise see you all next year.

Upgrade To Front Page

You may have noticed that recent comments are appearing on the column to the right, below the page menu. This is the way it works:  It displays up to the five most recent comments for each of the five most recent posts to have attracted comments.  If you want to see that post with all its comments click on […]

Go Play Today!

Click on image below to read the story.

Planning Board Hearing For Chefs International

Scheduled for January 12 Click on image below to read it. This is for permission to go from this plan for the marina building (which will be Belmar’s property someday): To this:

SID Tax $$$ Used To Promote………The SID!

Business owners were told at the recent SID budget hearing that one of the things the SID did for them was to purchase billboard space on the Turnpike to bring them customers. Nice billboard.  Chefs International should be happy about being featured so prominently.  Not sure about the center photo but it looks to me […]

Last Week

Belmar’s Economic Medicine Is Killing The Patient

Despite the fact that they never seem to work as advertised, liberals never seem to run out of ideas for new programs and interventions in the name of improving the economy.  This last week saw the Council approve the injection of another $119,000 into the SID after its proponents described all the benefits we would […]

Coast Star Covers SID Acrimony

It’s a rather lengthy story, Star subscribers can read it here. A lot of good arguments were made Tuesday night which are covered in the story.  Here is one of the better ones: …… David Schneck, of C Street, another past opponent of the SID, further discussed the nature of the membership process. “I ask every […]